What's your highest ever daily 'photo tally'?


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I take around 500-600 during a 90 minute football match. I try to time the first shot then keep the shutter release depressed for a couple more frames. Generally the first frame in the sequence is the best but you never know with sport. About 5% good enough especially as it is more difficult to get focus on the right player etc.

Seriously thinking of upgrading my K5 to a ii or iis for the improved AF. Anyone found an appreciable improvement when shooting ball sports? I have so far resisted the temptation of switching to a more expensive cropped sensor Canon or Nikon with their reported better AF tracking, instead I have better IQ, better high ISO performance and weather sealing. Or maybe I should wait for the next top of the range Pentax that rumour has it is just around the corner and hope the AF performance is further improved?
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Interesting question but I have no clue what the answer should stand for - just showing how often you can press a trigger in 24 h or is there anything more to interpret out of this number.
I remember a nice story of a friend who made an interesting experience in his first year as an official sport photographer. He was at a Formular 1 race in Hockenheim surrounded by a large group of pro photographers who all played this "my biggest lense is bigger then yours" game. All these guys where running around the whole day to catch as many pics as possible - all except one. This guy was sitting in a coffee corner in the pit lane, enjoying some Espressi, chating with racers and their wifes and during the race he stepped out for half an hour and his pics were all far better then the thousands of pics the other guys took. He simply knew when and where to be

Btw - I haven't reached that level as well - I shoot a lot ( well - guys who make HDR anyway have to take 5 times more pictures) but I will work on my skills

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