What is your technique to focus M lenses?


Link Posted 20/03/2012 - 11:29
AnthonyB has also hit on another important reason why I tended not to buy third party lenses.

Pentax, Nikon and Bronica all focus the same way. Everyone else focuses in the opposite direction. This doesn't matter so much when using AF, but it does cause a monent's delay when using MF and is definitely a distraction.

Another good reason also to stick with one marque, or at least to mix marques that work the same way.
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Agreed, my Pentikon system works really well together.

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Trouble is I have no choice but to have a foot in both camps. All lightweight TV lenses follow the Canon focus barrell convention and on full facility box lens cameras the focus servo demand operates that way too. Clockwise near, anti-clock far. So when I've got my Cameraman's hat on I throw the focus about conventionally. When I put my snapper's hat on, with my Billingham full of Pentax gear, I have to switch my brain around and try to remember to go the "wrong" way
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