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What is going to be...?

Saso E.
Posted 19/07/2004 - 14:53 Link
I'm reading all kind of articles about digital photography and there is one thing that bothers me or better I'm afraid of.
Where is digital tehnology heading to? In the direction of full frame sensors or different lens tehnology? I was thinking about purchasing an *ist D but I dont realy know. The rewievs are so-so, some of you guys had a few problems with it and some of you said that the camera is good , well built and that there is no problem. What is the truth?
Is Pentax going to built another *ist D (mark II) perhaps? I'd like to see a good, professional camera made by Pentax. Not like the case with the Z-1, which is IMHO better camera than the MZ-S, that was left to be run over by time... There was no battery pack, no decent accessories?!
I hope that the full frame sensor will conquer and the old, good lenses will stay in use without any need to calculate the sensor ratio or the angle that old lenses are cover or not.

Regards - Saso
Posted 19/07/2004 - 15:36 Link
That's a lot of questions, Saso!

First of all, although there have been a few 'teething troubles', and misunderstandings, I find the *ist-D an amazing camera. The quality is awesome, especially when you shoot in RAW mode, and use Photoshop CS or Capture One.

Usability is wonderful - I can pick up the *ist-D and it's very 'natural' so I can think more about the image rather than how to use the camera. Low light performance is astounding, truly astounding. If you've ever used Fuji 1600 ASA film you'll be blown away by the fine grain.

As far as the future - well, Pentax have produced two new lenses, the 16-45 and the 14mm that are only for the APS sensor size. That should tell you something
(Bear in mind the price difference between APS and full frame - just check out the difference between a Canon 10D and a 1Ds - full frame is nice, but definitely not within most people's budget!)

You mentioned 'calculating' when using lenses on the *ist-D. Naah. Just think normally, you don't have to think about it!

Oh yes, and finally, the *ist-D has been good enough to help me realise the quality of true Pentax glass. I've been collecting the older SMC-F series lenses, and they are all stunning with the *ist-D.

Now, as far as studio setups go, I can't comment - I've been using available light more and more, and getting lovely results. However, I've seen plenty of studio produced digital shots with the *ist-D (and the Nikon D100 that has the same Sony APS CCD) to know you can get beautiful results.

Hope that helps clarify things,
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Saso E.
Posted 20/07/2004 - 07:13 Link
Thanks Matt

But still, I have three more thing on my mind to ask you about.
First; can you say that the *ist D is a true professional camera?
What is with that downloading the software if you want to use the older lenses because I have some K, M, A and FA lenses?
And finally: will the older flashes work normaly on *ist D (AF280T and Sigma EF-500ST)?

Regards - Saso
George Lazarette
Posted 20/07/2004 - 12:31 Link
The rumour mill suggests that Pentax will soon produce a cheaper digital SLR, and also a MF camera (645 replacement) using a 35mm-sized chip. Sounds crazy, I know, but that's from the CEO of Pentax.

What Pentax WON'T do is produce a K-mount camera with a 35mm-sized chip. The future is APS-sized and digital for the K mount, which is why Pentax is producing new K lenses that won't fill a 35mm frame.

The *ist D is a superb and very well-made camera. It is already used by a great many pro photographers who had previously used Pentax film cameras. The construction quality is excellent.

It is easy to use, but very flexible, rather like the Z1/Z1-P. However, it is smaller than that camera and better built.

Virtually any accessory that works on a Pentax auto-focus camera will work fine on the *ist D, as will ALL K lenses and flash units. Obviously it won't make a manual lens into an auto-focus, or a program flash into TTL!

If you have Pentax lenses (and can afford it), there is no reason not to buy one.

The firmware upgrade is a piece of cake.

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