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What do I need?

Posted 26/07/2009 - 18:06 Link
I am off to Florida in a few months and need some advice as to what I should take or add to my setup (budget 350). I'd like to keep the weight down.

I own the following:

K100D, Pentax 18-55, Tamron 18-250, Tamron 90mm & Metz 48. All in a slingshot 200AW.

Pete Ryan

K-r, K100D, Sigma 18-50mm F2.8 EX DC Macro, Pentax 18-55, Tamron 18-250, Tamron 90mm & Metz 48.
Posted 26/07/2009 - 18:19 Link
The Tamron 18-250mm should cover most things, to which you might add the Pentax 50mm f1.4 for low light use.

My experience is that macro lenses are generally unused on holiday trips and you don't need the 18-55mm kit lens as well as the Tamron zoom.

So if down to 2 lenses and a flash, perhaps a smaller bag as well to keep things light and unobtrusive?
Best regards, John
Posted 26/07/2009 - 18:27 Link
I wouldn't bother with the 50mm, just take the body and Tamron 18-250.

Keep the bag though, it can be usefull on the trip for carrying over night stuff.

Or go for a Fastpack 200, they have two straps and are comfier on long days out. Check here at Amazon for the best price.
Cheers, HG

K110+DA40, K200+DA35, K3 and a bag of lenses, bodies and other bits.

Mustn't forget the Zenits, or folders, or...

PPG entries.
Posted 26/07/2009 - 18:58 Link
I'd take the camera and 18-250.

If I was determined to buy another lens then I would choose between either a fast small short tele (I'd be tempted to get the 70mm DA Ltd over the 50mm DA but it may stretch the budget too much) or a superwide (to keep the cost down that probably means the Sigma 10-20, which works brilliantly on the K100D).

In fact, a 10-20 plus 18-250 combination is a great two lens set-up, and the belt-looped case that comes with the Sigma 10-20 is also perfect fit for the 18-250, so handy when you want to swap lenses without carrying your camera bag.

One more thing - may be worth looking on Ebay or Amazon to try and buy some CRV3 lithium batteries before you go - they last forever and saves taking a charger for the AAs. Also worth looking for them in the States. Quite often pharmacy stores like Walgreens or CVS seem to have them on special offer - usually significantly cheaper than UK.

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Posted 26/07/2009 - 19:26 Link
Where are you going and what are you planning to shoot?

The 18-250 covers almost everything and if you like the lens then that's the only lens you really need but I can see that you would want a bit more quality or lighter weight sometimes.

In most situations a 17-70 lens is all that you need so depending on what you want to shoot it might be interesting too look for that lens.

Or else the kit lens with the 55-300 is also a fine combination depending on your need and if you want to take your 18-250 with you or not.
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K10D, K5
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George Lazarette
Posted 26/07/2009 - 19:37 Link
Mosquito repellent.

If you go to Florida, you'll no doubt go to the Everglades. Be warned: the aligators are disappointingly small, but the mosquitos are huge. And hungry.

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Posted 26/07/2009 - 21:10 Link
Thank you gentlemen for your posts, plenty to think about.
JonSchick - CRV3 lithium's are a good idea.

Pete Ryan

K-r, K100D, Sigma 18-50mm F2.8 EX DC Macro, Pentax 18-55, Tamron 18-250, Tamron 90mm & Metz 48.
Posted 26/07/2009 - 21:18 Link
A thought about bug repellant - many of them damage plastics, so handle with care when you are using your camera and repellant at the same time!
Best regards, John
Posted 26/07/2009 - 21:21 Link
Lots of memory cards and a decent insurance policy. Don't risk going without either!
Posted 28/07/2009 - 18:44 Link
I would NOT recommend a slingshot 300 as mine has no diagonal strap to eliminate slippage off the shoulder.
The 200 did have one-but
For comfort, buy a rucksack type bag for even weight distribution and security

Enjoy your hols- the airboat ride on the Everglades MUST BOT BE MISSED! The birdshot opportunities are super.
A good telephoto is a must and advise your boatman to keep a steady path whilst you shoot
Posted 30/07/2009 - 13:24 Link
I would have to agree with the 50mm

Fast, discreet and a great walk-around lens for evening/night shots.

The shot below taken with a 50mm f1.7 at f1.7.
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My only consideration would be a fast wide-ish lens such as a 24mm f2.8 or similar.


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Posted 01/08/2009 - 20:27 Link
I have a Orion Trekker II; which should be more comfortable than the Slingshot 200. I've looked at the price of the Pentax fa 50/1.4 and they have shop up in price since I last looked, 175 for a used one in SRS. Or would it be better getting a Tamron SP AF 17-50mm from OneStop for 250?

Pete Ryan

K-r, K100D, Sigma 18-50mm F2.8 EX DC Macro, Pentax 18-55, Tamron 18-250, Tamron 90mm & Metz 48.
Posted 04/08/2009 - 19:13 Link
Any views on the Samsung 35mm f2.0
Pete Ryan

K-r, K100D, Sigma 18-50mm F2.8 EX DC Macro, Pentax 18-55, Tamron 18-250, Tamron 90mm & Metz 48.
Posted 04/08/2009 - 19:41 Link
Von_Ryan wrote:
Any views on the Samsung 35mm f2.0

It's a rebadged version of the Pentax FA35/2 - an excellent lens! Good review of it here: link
Joining the Q
George Lazarette
Posted 04/08/2009 - 20:19 Link
It's the poor man's 31mm Ltd. Optically excellent, and a quarter the price.

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