What criteria do you apply to age on a lens


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When you're buying a second hand lens, what criteria do you apply?

eg it's in good nick, box, etc, complete, but it's 10 years old. does that influence your buying decision?

alternatively, do you just not think in those terms?
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Fully working, optically perfect and undamaged are my main criteria.

I don't care about age. If it is a lens I want I will know roughly how old it is likely to be. Some of my favourite lenses are 20-30 years old.

I expect some signs of use, I do not care whether it has caps as these can be easily replaced and my loft is full of empty boxes - I do not need more of them.

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Age is irrelevant. It needs to have clear glass, free of fungus. The stop down needs to be snappy and without any hesitation. Any aperture ring should work smoothly. There should be no play and manual focusing should be smooth. All accessories such as included lens hoods and caps should be present.

After all that, great cosmetic condition and all the packaging would be very nice, but not essential.
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Condition of glass, model (Sigma has had approx 5 or 6 models of the 70-200mm f2.8 ) and finally does it have the box /paperwork/hood/caps.

Canon L lenses have a date code and it is possibly the most annoying thing ever because when selling a lens the fisrt thing a buyer will ask is the date code and the next is will you take half the asking price because it's a couple of years older than another one selling on the forum (even though yours may be in mint condition while the other lens looks as though it has been used for hammering nails into a fence).
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Condition is one of the main things, also the box paperwork. Age is on my list but its not near the top.


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Condition and price. Also the source, prefer a face to face transaction.



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First, must have no fungus, I wont have a lens in my house that has fungus, it's not worth the risk of it spreading to my other lenses.

Then, must be optically and mechanically perfect. Very minor flaws might be accomodated here if there is an appropriate (large) price reduction.

Cosmetics are nice because they imply a lens has been well cared for, but I'll cheerfully take a lens that's functionally perfect but a bit worn looking if it knocks a few quid off the price. Signs of serious abuse would put me off.

Box, paperwork etc don't matter to me if it's a lens I intend to keep. If I think I might sell it on then they're useful because they bump the resale value up a bit.
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Age is of no importance to me, I always think original caps and box mean its likely to have been well cared for.
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Does it do want I want it to

I so does age matter
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I'm only interested in the performance of the lens and its condition. Original caps are nice, especially on the vintage lenses, box is of no importance to me at all.

Rarity is also a nice commodity, especially if the lens has been bought at a good price! I don't buy and sell lenses to make money; I only ever sell if I no longer have a use for the lens but I've never lost money on any older lens I've sold and I've made a profit on almost all of them.

In some ways, the older the better, as it is easier to pick up gems for a good price.


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It depends on the price. If it is at normal market value for its type then I expect everything to be as it should. If it is a potential bargain then I'll tale a punt.
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