Weekly competition 34: Street furniture


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Pentax: K20D; FA50mm 1.4; FA135mm 2.8; FA 17-28mm; FA 80-320mm; AF360FGZ
Sigma: 30mm F1.4EXDC; 10-20mmEXDC ..... LENSBABY 'Composer' ,

Daniel Bridge

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K10D, FA50mm f/1.4 @ f/9.5, 1/90s, ISO100

K-3, a macro lens and a DA*300mm...

Belinda B.

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Ferry at the end of the street.................

Belinda B.


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*istD / Pentax DA 18 - 55 @ 55mm / 1/60 @ f/6.7 / ISO400


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Quayside street furniture............old cranes, old bollards, old railway lines, brand new fenders and a new cruise ship (Ocean Village 2) arriving for her naming ceremony.


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K20D, DA18-55II, FA50 1.4, DA10-17
To buy: Metz 58 AF-1, DA*50-135, DA12-24, DA100M


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Taken in Phuket Thailand at a bus stop.

Pentax K100D
Lens 18/55 @ 55mm
Ap. f5.6
iso. 200
exp. 1/60
Pentax Lenses:|DA12-24/f4 ED AL|DA35Ltd Macro|FA31Ltd|FA77Ltd|FA50/1.4|F70-210|FA20-35 f4/AL|A*200/f4 Macro ED|A50/1.7|A50 Macro f2.8|1.7xAF adapter|
Voigtlander|125/f2.5SL Macro APO Lanthar|
Sigma Lenses:|EX DG 100-300 f4|2X & 1.4X TC|
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7am in Farnborough this morning!

K10D, DA*16-50 @ 34mm, F4.0, 1/60sec, ISO 200.


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Florentine style

Cymru Am Byth


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Bagnoreggio, Italy, Friday, Optio W20
I just feel for the people owning the ceramics workshop (laboratorio) - they seem to be in the wrong place!

Tony Milner
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Now closed results as soon as I can manage it.

[Edit]Which as you can see was pretty quick as I broke the back of it earlier on!



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Well this was about as easy as I thought it would be Ė ie damned hard work! The quality of the photographs was excellent and I am totally impressed by the colours. Thereís one site I spend a lot of time on where every shot seems to be over saturated, over sharpened and mostly over done in one way or another. These photographs are much more confident and donít feel the need to scream look at me using those techniques.

Anyway Iíve done what I can to be fair and honest. I hope my comments cause no offence especially as I am relative newcomer to this forum Ė certainly none is intended. Also I hope I have rights and lefts the right way round, I have a terrible time with right and left and itís no good checking either I get them just as wrong the second time round.

George Lazarette Nice idea, lovely natural colours but for me two things are an issue. Firstly the bird is flying out of frame which as I say for me is an issue and it would be almost impossible to get both the bird and sign in focus and I keep checking the focus of the sign!

MX Veteran Again the colours are natural. Iím so used to seeing over saturated and overly vivid colours on other sites that seeing these realistic and gentle colours is such a treat! A well thought out composition but I suspect it could be much tighter on the phone box and lamp top right without losing anything. That lens is amazing at its widest and the effect on the shape of the telephone box is amazing.

justgetoutandride Really nice image with lovely sweeping curves, the control of the shades of grey is excellent. Iím not sure Iíd have left the partial upright bottom right and would it be worth cloning out the mark at the top of the second full upright? Great shot seen and taken well.Third place

johnriley Well itís a real clash of cultural icons! Pity the lamps grow out of the top of the box and youíve been unlucky with the way that the shadows have fallen. But the colours work with repeated blues and reds, the shapes work with repeated rectangles and circles. Very pure image and colours.

viewfinder You did say it was a quick snap and I have to be honest thatís what it looks like to me. There doesnít seem to be an underlying composition what with the car being cut off, that window appearing and the overall detail of the tree. No shake though!

spirit_of_will Great colours albeit not terribly natural but great. Great shapes and dynamic curves the whole image oozes energy helped along by the electric blues. Great shot I just wish it was larger.WINNER!

Prieni A truly remarkable image and a novel interpretation of street furniture Ė not something the planners would recognise as such! Although the person gives scale I think it distracts from the overall subject, I think the composition is right to include the foreground round and especially the two patches of grass/lichen.

ThePup Bold striking colours and shapes with the less stark clouds behind them so itís a picture of contrasts. I think you were unlucky that the cables were there at all but certainly that they cast shadows on the signs. The slightly dinked sign bottom left adds as it removes the completely stark nature of the rectangles. Iíd be curious to know how much sharpening had been applied?

gartmore You had to choose Ė sharp lamp or sharp sign! Iím not sure you needed the sign really, that lamp, its shadow and the cable all sit well together. Certainly the shadow on the right that just encroaches on the sign would have been cropped out by me Ė but thatís personal taste. Once again nice colours.

pnjmcc A frustrating day? Nice curves in the line of traffic, road and fence. The rather gloomy sky reflects the feelings within the cars I guess but I think thereís rather a lot in the photograph and itís maybe too busy to have the real impact those curves could deliver.

niblue Nicely caught and compose shot. Could you crop down and just include the bin, bench and squirrel? Well youíd lose the orange bag which actually works well with the squirrel although I think Iíd have tried to take some of the brightness out of the bag. Once again lovely colours.

hefty1 Tough shot, get the exposure right for the signs and stuff the sky or as youíve chosen get some good texture in the sky and the signs do suffer a bit. Nice shapes in there, the cables help as well but that bush doesnít! I keep tilting my head as well to get the pole vertical although Iím sure in reality it isnít vertical at all!

serendipity Well my birthplace so thatís a bonus! This will sound really picky but the tree Ė who wants it? The very small sandwich board in the background once again who wants it! I think that you have deliberately chosen to place the signboard centrally which is a choice but if it was me Iíd have moved around to make it to one side or the other and then try to stop it obscuring the towers in the background. Once more, natural colours, good focus, lovely clarity.

Lilly Great idea and so well done. The composition is great, the greys work so well and the kiosks donít immediately jump at you but of course the eye is grabbed at some stage. Showing this to a non photographic friend who oddly uses Photoshop a lot for web design was just wow how did she do that? My only reservation lies in the stone Ė has it suffered with sharpening?Second place

Daniel Bridge It is indeed street furniture as they only put markers like these on roads to lure Chelsea tractors to a watery end. Lovely bright colours, lovely texture in the water and excellent focus and exposure. Do you need all the grass at the top, I donít know? Itís maybe a pity the bend in the measure lines up with the edge of the bank. Nice shot.

Belinda B. A very busy shot, a good range of clear colours, excellent focus and sharpness and it tells the story. In terms of composition I can see the curves drawing us into the ferry and the repeated uprights all across the shot perhaps are saying the barrier is open. Maybe you could try cropping out the right edge to the security camera?

StrawberryBeret Oh yes those curves sweeping round and the white balls just great. Iím not sure you needed the return sweep at the very top. Iím guessing this was a swine to take with very limited light and hence limited depth of field. Was it flash? I never use flash at all so Iíd find it hard to tell but Iíd expect harsher shadows if it was. I think the problem here is not the composition but the lack of contrast and sadly colour. If only those tiles were wet I think their colour would shine and the whole image would change. Well seen and caught opportunity!

promhandicam This is a great shot but hey itís furniture in the street not street furniture and I said that wasnít allowed which is a pity as this is a very clever and well taken photograph. Colours, interesting image, good technique to get the blur but wrong subject!

Hyram This is pushing street a bit but hey. Nice use of the gantry to frame the shot, good colours, you got both jets of water included in their entirety the ship boat or whatever it is feels a bit central to me but Iíve just looked again and it isnít really. The exposure is handled so well you have no gloomy areas despite the very bright central subject.

ikillrocknroll Iím gritting my teeth on street furniture, itís pretty much a street, but Iím not sure it really meets the criteria of the competition. Itís an interesting photograph with lots to look at, almost too much? Maybe there are three photographs in here? Colours, exposure, sharpness all bang on but I feel itís just a bit too busy.

Clarky Cripes I am being pushed on the street furniture. Yes itís a street and I suppose the pillars would have once passed as street furniture! Good to get both the gentlemanís face and the statueís face in there mirroring each other. I feel the road in the foreground which is inevitably going to burn out is a nuisance ad could be cropped out. The colours for my taste are a tad bright and the greens seem a bit light and vivid but for all I know thatís the way they are. Maybe cropping from the left (and top?) to use the curving branch to frame the image a bit more Ė could that work?

GlynM What dedication! Thatís real street furniture OK. For me the aircraft needs to have some space to fly into and somewhere to fly out of so Iíd want it closer to the left edge Ė then is it deliberate that the plane is flying against to arrow directing the traffic? I the technicals are fine although the sky could have tried harder for you Ė a bit more blue or drama would have helped but hey you canít rely on nature!

HowardJ Nice photograph, nice colours, beautifully sharp. I think itís a pity the nymph on extreme left is cut off and is there too much space to the right? I think you could crop off about 20% from the right and not lose anything. I have to ask whatís the guy with beard holding in line with the roof? Oh I see itís not part of his statue but something a chap behind him is holding Ė I thought it was a touch risquť!

amilner Interesting and they ceramics guys do seem to be the wrong side of town. I guess the yellow sign really was that washed out but the way that combines with the colour of the stone isnít so good. Nice idea and brings back memories of a happy couple of days in Orvieto. Good focus, clarity, colour and exposure!

So, well done spirit_of_will itís a great shot and now you have the unenviable task of setting the next topic!



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amilner Interesting and they ceramics guys do seem to be the wrong side of town. I guess the yellow sign really was that washed out but the way that combines with the colour of the stone isnít so good.

It was more washed out actually - I had to bring it up a bit to make the text legible - the same with the ceramics sign. But I did not want to overdo it.

Had four days in Bagnoreggio - the nearby slowly crumbling town of Civita is astonishing. Unfortunately it was grey, damp & misty Thursday-Saturday (which is why I was only carying my compact when I saw the picture). The sun came out on Sunday though.

Thanks for the judging, and congratulations to spirit_of_will
Tony Milner
Super A, ME Super, MZ6, K5II, Ricoh GR & lenses from 8-500mm
www.amilner.org www.flickr.com/photos/tonymilner


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Thanks to Mike for a splendid appraisal. And quick as well, do you never sleep?

Congrats spirit_of_will and over to you.....
Best regards, John
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