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Wedding Business

Posted 02/03/2009 - 08:35 Link
I run a multimedia company, specializing in weddings.

anybody here care to share any thoughts or ideas or complaints on the subjects of Photographers, Videographers, DJ's.....

I'm interested in learning about what people would like or dislike for products and services.

I offer a package that covers stills, video, print, dvd and web based packages... but am always interest in learning more to help customers.

thoughts, experiences or suggestions on what brides want?

I'm thinking of adding "Barter" to our list of payment options during this economic crisis...for example.
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Posted 02/03/2009 - 12:34 Link
Hi Don

We do only weddings, around 80/90 a year.

The main thing people tell us that bugs them is the photographer taking ages to get their shots, albums taking ages, proofs taking ages and that some are super arrogant! I'm sure you hear that too.

We offer the same as you without the video. We offer a big range of special offers & discounts so clients feel they are getting a extra good deal. We've also added a self-pricing option to the website. One package, unchanging - but couples can decide what they'd like to offer to pay for it. We obviously have a minimum in mind, but that can depend on the financial micro-climate for us at the time. We also 'advertise' on ebay - quite a lot of our leads are generated this way. Ebay-ers are always looking for a bargain, the package we put on there is very, very good value for money but we find lots of people see the listing, contact us, then in the end go for a bigger package or upgrade.

We also do pre-payment options, paying the balance off in time for the wedding on a monthly or ad-hoc basis & a guest gift list option where other people can buy chunks of the couples balance for them - maybe 10, 25, 50.

We're booked up for 2009, but 2010 brides seem to be happy to initially go for a smaller package - maybe time + DVD, then after the wedding upgrade it to include albums etc. That way they feel more in control of their budget & they don't feel they are being frivolous in case things get really bad for them. When we meet couples we show them all our albums & assure them that if they want to go for the minimum now they can have a gorgeous album afterwards.

Hope that helps

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Posted 02/03/2009 - 14:44 Link

I tried the barter system (Bartercard) in the early days of my IT business. It didn't work for me. The problem was that there were plenty of customers within the Bartercard system for my goods and services, but nobody was offering goods or services that I would use.
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Posted 18/07/2009 - 04:01 Link
I am trying to get into the wedding business. I don't consider myself great, I have too much to learn. What I do know, is that multi-media is always changing. What is in today, wil be out tomorrow, that is human nature. The other aspect is technology. I sell pictures from sporting events, not because pple think I am a great photographer, but because I have a DSLR. This is especially true with indoor sports. When DSLR's become common with everyone, then It will be tough for me to sell pictures. Staying ahead of the wave is where you want to be, offer something nobody can offer. It doesn't have to be tangable either.
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Posted 18/07/2009 - 08:27 Link
pentaxian67 wrote:

A bloke doesn't buy a drill bit because he want one, be buys a bit because he wants a hole.

Brilliant line. I'll borrow that sometime
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