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I have done 9 weddings and I am building up a good portfolio - these have generally consisted of budget shoots - between £300 - £450 (cash) - I now want to offer a bit more than photobooks what have you guys found out there that will move me towards the £600.00 - £800.00 I have 4 weddings booked for this year so far and I realise I am under priced
Any thoughts?
Mike Court
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Loxely have some well priced albums. Graphi studio are some of the best but you have to have proof of at something like ten bookings per year before they will sell to you.
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get yourself over to the NEC or even look at their web site. I was there today and there was loads of wedding album's on display.



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I second Loxley but I have the advantage of almost being able to see my house fron their lab.
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