Websites that print inexpensive 8" by 12" photos with border


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I want to print several 8" by 12" photos and the photo to have a slight border (not reducing the photo size though).

I'm framing the photos and the purpose of the border is as the photo size space in the mount can be slightly every so larger than 8" by 12"

Anyone know what sites offer photos with borders please?
I'm not looking for expensive prints, anywhere like Photobox etc. would do

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I think all printers will offer a border option when ordering, but the border will reduce the photo size. It sounds like what you want is a non-standard print size.

If your frame is not capable of displaying a 8 x 12 without a gap you could get yourself a thin mounting card from somewhere like Hobbycraft. Use the card between the glass and the print to hide the gap. Alternatively get your print printed up at 10 x 15 with a wide border (that keeps the image at 8 x 12) and you can then cut the print to the required size.

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Why not just add a border yourself and have it printed a larger size, as Peter suggests? You can then trim it to size or use a mount card and a larger frame, which often looks better anyway.


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DSCL Order say A3 but prepare the file in PS so the image is in the centre of the A3 paper size.



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DOIK wrote:
DSCL Order say A3 but prepare the file in PS so the image is in the centre of the A3 paper size.

You could also set up your image for a 15" x 10" print, which is a DSColourlabs standard, a little cheaper than A3.

I recently got three copies of a long thin panorama printed by them on a 20" paper. I created a 20x16 blank file in PSE and pasted in three copies of my panorama adjusted to give a little white margin at each end. The big print sliced up neatly into three identical thin strips. Be careful to set up pixel and dots per inch to the spec they require.
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