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We try, at least once a year, to climb Caer Caradoc - an imposing "hill" just outside Church Stretton in Shropshire. Today was overcast with light rain so visibility wasn't what one might like. There is more to see than simply sheep (but their droppings are quite unavoidable!)

Here is a taster for the climb to come. Hope Bowlder hill is a killer by itself

This is where we were heading. The only way is up (but first you have to get to the bottom)

And these ladies thought we were absolutely daft for attempting it

About half way up it started to drizzle but we were sweating buckets anyway

Caer Caradoc is one of a chain of geologically ancient volcanic plugs. Just north of it is The Lawley and further north still you can just make out The Wrekin. Way across to the left, well out of frame and beyond Church Stretton, is The Long Mynd - a much more frequented walking spot.

And here is why the hardy few climb The Caradoc. Note the difference in altitude between this and the previous image. The view on a clear day is phenomenal. Here we are looking towards Shrewsbury in the distance and, towards the horizon, across the Cheshire plain. If you get out of the wind, sheep permitting, it can be totally silent up here.

Some things you don't expect to see on top of a volcano ....
A pond that hosts tadpoles in season

And the effects of sheep dung on toadstools

Two representative dung producers ....


Taken with a K5 and my favourite 'A' series 50mm macro lens
Comments and criticism are welcome.
Both the *istDS and the K5 are incurably addicted to old glass

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A very interesting set from a lovely part of the country which is often overlooked.



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A very nice set and some good use of "diagonals" A lovely part of the world...
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You're dedicated to the cause, what with them hills!

Looks a great part of the world with bags of potential in the right weather
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What a lovely idea to tell a photo-story of your walk. I rather like Shropshire, it's an underrated county.
Best wishes,


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A smashing set, some lovely views there.
Kind regards Maria

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