Wanted: a pair of pentax leather strap protectors


Link Posted 23/03/2014 - 22:01
Has anybody got a pair of the leather protectors used to stop damage to the body of K5 & K3 cameras that they want to sell or do you know where I can get some please?
Searches on Pentax/Ricoh site and eBay was fruitless.

Photo of what I am talking about below but I don't need the metal rings.



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I mean try an old glove/leather offcut and cut them out yourself.

Or get a cobbler to try for you.
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As Above, Regards Bob.


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Andrew is selling some here link ....
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Thanks for the suggestions but I really want original genuine ones and Andrew had already sold his before I pm'd him.


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They are not "Pentax Specific" and have no markings/branding on them

Just go for the generic ones, they are almost all the same.

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Thanks for your help everybody. I realise that they are not Pentax specific but I was looking for, shall we say, some that looked reasonably professional. I am sure that any I tried to produce would not look that good!!!

Anyway I have now found some at a more reasonable price at: http://cameramill.co.uk/shop/camera-lug-protectors/
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