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I am looking to buy a Photo printer. I want to do 8 x 10 as well as 4 x 6 & 5 x 7. I understand Epson is the way to go.

Any suggestions? What is everyone using?


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My last three photo printers have been Epsons, most recently the R265. They've all produced top-notch A4 prints when used with Epson's own papers and inks and all cost under £100.

Ink costs are a little high (the best part of £60 for all six Claria inks for the R265) but I've used compatibles in the past from Premier Ink and they've been just as good, although longevity with the compatibles is a bit of an unknown.

Friends of mine use vastly more expensive Epson A3 printers and a comparison of output shows no discernable difference between their A4 prints and mine.

A4s take a good few minutes to produce, but I just go off and have a coffee or do something else while it's printing.

Being lazy by nature, I use an uncalibrated iiyama monitor, with Serif PhotoPlus for editing, and the results equal anything you'd get from a photo lab. Customers for the odd print I sell are delighted.

Based on experience, I would expect Epson's latest "value"
offering, the P50, to be just as good (although I stand to be corrected).



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I have 3 Epson printers, an Action Laser 1500 (monochrome) that I purchased in 1991 and still use, as well as 2 photo colour printers. An Artisan 700, used for printing on discs and short run 5X7 and 8x10's and a Stylus Pro 4880. The 4880 will take sheet fed but I use roll stock and can print to paper width of 17 inches by whatever the length of the roll. All printers are used often and I haven't had any problems to date. I admit the Artisan appears to use a fair amount of ink, but the 4880 ink consumption is very economical if used constantly, or for long runs (large print jobs).
Yes, I suppose I'm biased, but I highly recommend Epson.
Hope this is some help.

I gladly welcome C & C's. Being foggy minded they really help me learn.


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I use a Canon IP4700 it has had excellent reviews, the compatable ink's are very good, I can recommended it.
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I still use an ancient (matches me quite well) Canon i560.
The big things seem to be in the size (A3 or A4 as required - and I can get 10x8 from A4) and the number of ink tanks. Mine has 3 separate tanks + black, others have more and are almost certainly better. Of course, the size of the ink droplets does have an effect on quality of output as well.
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snappychappy wrote:
I use a Canon IP4700 it has had excellent reviews, the compatable ink's are very good, I can recommended it.

I've the IP4500 and I can say the same thing.

It's a simple printer and the quality of the prints are often very good, also the drivers works very well on Windows 7 64bit. I had quite some problems with that from HP printers sadly, I couldn't get the printer to work.

I'm however drawn to the high quality photo printers from Epson though, the new ones comes with a build in calibration I believe.
But in the lower price range I doubt there will be much difference between Canon or Epson.

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