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Link Posted 04/11/2019 - 11:17
KosmoFoto are doing a poll of your favourite Pentax film cameras (not just SLRs) to celebrate the 100th anniversary. There's a mystery prize too. I went for:

1. LX
2. *ist
3. MX

All the wee ones basically. The link is below:



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A thankless task, but I went:

1- ME Super

2 - Spotmatic

3 - Super A

I stuck to only what I know, so that's all 35mm and manual focus.

Ask me again tomorrow though and you'd get a different three all together probably!


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MZ-S, Super-A, and MZ-6 for me, two of which I still have along with an ME-Super.
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1) ME-Super

2) *ist

3) Auto 110

I've never used (or even seen) an LX but I understand it's one of the greats.
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I voted a while back and mine were:

1. LX
2. MX

The ESII is a bit left field, but I do enjoy using my ES/ESII combo with a selection of SMC Takumar lenses. I've never used the MZ-S, and probably never will unless I win one in the Pentax Forums grand raffle, but I suspect that as great a camera as it is, I won't enjoy using it so much. Part of the fun of film, for me, is that it isn't like using the K-3. If using the film camera feels just like using my digital, then I might as well use the digital with the benefits it brings. That's why I really enjoy things like my Ondu pinhole, my Lubitel 2 or my Agfa Isolette II.

Cheers, Kris.
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1. SV
2. P30T
3. MZ5n

I have been a Pentax person since 1967 (currently a K-5, MZ5n and an ME). Despite my list, I always really fancied an LX but it was never to be.


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Hi everyone

Thanks for adding the poll on here, it's really good of you.

I just wanted to repeat that the email address you use to register to vote is only used to draw winners for the prizes. After the names are drawn the list is destroyed. Your emails will not be added to any marketing/email lists.

If I can get more than 1,000 votes I will offer four of these as prizes:

Thanks so much.

Kosmo Foto


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1. MZ-3 have issue with mirror motor but I love this little camera.
2. MZ-S
3. 6x7
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Me Super
Pentax K
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