vivitar macro 90mm f2.8, tamron 80-200mm for sale and more


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Having a bit of a clear-out on ebay at the moment. I'm in the UK but will happily ship to almost anywhere. The tamron is item number 330325638527 and the vivitar macro 90mm f2.8 is 330325646182

Also selling a 50mm pentax A f1.7 and an M42 Vivitar 135mm 2.8 which I find surprising sharp, and a takumar 2x "A" tele-converter.

Eventually may be selling a 50mm f1.2 - anyone have any idea of the range this one might sell for? I'm not sure how to check if it's K or M but I know one sold last week for £179 and one yesterday for £225 (pretty big difference)

Anyway, thought some of y'all might be interested.


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The K version lenses are simply named EG: SMC Pentax 1:1.2 50mm. The M series lenses are named EG: SMC Pentax-M 1:1.7 50mm. Check the bezel around the front element.

As there never was an M version of the 50mm 1:1.2, if yours is not labelled SMC Pentax-A, it's the K version.
Peter E Smith

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Thanks Peter, then a K mount it is.


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Theres an insect in your Tamron 80-200mm f2.8?

I sold the exact same Vivitar macro on Ebay a couple of weeks ago but it was a M42 mount which fetched £147 plus postage to a buyer in Australia so that should give you an idea on what yours may do.
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davidxgreen wrote:
Thanks Peter, then a K mount it is.

I have the same lens which gets very little use except for rare beach concerts etc. when It's only ever used wide open. It's fast enough, just not quite long enough for me.

I'd be interested to know when you sell yours and how much it goes for.
Peter E Smith

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Hi Mike-P,
yeah, I saw that listing and although yours was m42 I thought the same thing.

and mannesty, I've seen them go for about £150-200 if I remember correctly.


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I still have a brand new boxed M42 55mm version of the same Vivitar, bought it off a woman in the USA whos father used to be a press photographer in the Whitehouse. She had it on an Ebay auction but I emailed her to see if she would sell it as a BIN and she said yes but as it was quite expensive originally she wouldn't accept less than $50 .. and that was when the exchange rate was 2:1.

There is a good chance my Vivitar 100mm f2.8 A mount macro is going in the next couple of days .. and I said I would never get rid of it ..
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I have two SMC-A 50mm f/1.2 in my database which went for £226.00 and £260.00 each. I have four SMC (K) 50mm f/1.2 lenses which went for between £148.00 and £181.00.

Cheers, Kris.
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