Very informative links about formatting SDHC and SDXC cards - worth reading!


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Given the price of good (and huge) cards, I download from the camera and when the card is full, I label it with relevant dates and store it. That way I've got all the originals safe from the inevitable whoops! on the computer's part.
Look up where the selection and cost of media is quite amazing. There's no need to reuse a card -- is there??
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Well if you buy say a SanDisk 16GB Extreme (60MB/s) SDHC Class 10 | UHS-I U3 Memory Card @ 10.38 and do the maths, it'll cost you 648.75 in SD cards to arrive at a terabyte of stored photos when you can backup your photos to a 1Tb external HDD costing 67.66.

I know which I'd prefer, not to mention the convenience of the external HDD.
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SteveLedger wrote:
It's 100% safe because it's designed to ...

If only the world worked that way

That said this utility is probably as good as anything else. Probably better than anything you'll find implemented in a camera but if you are going to only use a card in a single camera body I do still think you are best off formatting in that same device you are going to use it in.


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Hey folks - didn't mean to provoke "arguments", but just help people (myself included) to understand more about the issues, when I started this thread!

PS: re David's and Steve's comments about the cost of cards, a K-3 can easily "chomp" its way through a couple of 16GB Sandisk Extreme cards in one afternoon at an airshow - and the cost of that does gets "hefty" quite quickly, and so I think I will be downloading and using the SD formatting utility very soon!
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Oh well, if you folks want to keep throwing inane negativity into the discussion, you're on your own. Not recognizing help through direct experience is something you will have to deal with.. Ciao

EDIT: jeallen01 posted while I was posting..
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