Very good K7 review from a Leica fan !


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This K7 review is a couple of months old now and has proberbly been seen by a few of you. I found it very interesting and informative.

K7 review
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I read it a while back .. good review.
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He seems almost too enthusiastic but he sure liked the camera.
On the negative side I think the DR is disappointing.


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The review is pretty accurate and refreshing. He's coming from a world of other DSLRs as 2nd cameras to his leicas. We are (mostly) viewing the K-7 as a progression from other Pentax models, so are more familiar with the good points and more likely to focus on the bad points.

He also posts a number of good images to back up his review. I wish all reviewers were forced to do this. I hate reviews where they just handle the camera for an hour and write up their prejudices.

Noise is an issue at higher ISO (I need to develop RAW)
Jpegs, I'm not as happy as I was with then straight out of the GX10 (I need to develop RAW).
For me Video and HDR are gimmicks. (and live view for the number of times I use it)
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Interesting read. Thanks Steve.
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Hadn't seen it til now Clarky, so thanks for that.


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"(I need to develop RAW)"

RAW for sure


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Nice review, although I do get the feeling he's somewhat blown-away because he hasn't really used a modern DSLR rather than anything steller with the K7! It is nice he had the set of Ltd. Primes, although the cost of these isn't mentioned anywhere!

UPDATE: Just found out he Kx only takes AA batteries which means for me, it is not an option as I hate buying batteries or being out of them.

This is just stupid though - can you buy a battery for a D300 at an ice-cream kiosk on the beach? Er - no. But you can buy a set of AA's... or does he not realise there are rechargables?! Anyway, if you take apart expensive proprietry battery packs, guess what are often inside that plastic packaging...!
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He's not the most clued-up reviewer.

He has no idea about optimising the focus of a lens on a modern DSLR, and claims the 31mm is soft. It's just not focussed properly.

He compares the 31mm with a Summilux mounted on a 135 format sensor with 18MP and no AA filter, and then says the Sumilux is better. He clearly isn't aware that he's comparing apples with oranges, and that the 31mm image has to be enlarged more to get the same-sized final image.

I HATE incompetent reviewers. They should be put in a barrel of prussic acid and thrown off a cliff.

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I HATE incompetent reviewers. They should be put in a barrel of prussic acid and thrown off a cliff.

That's not very green George. Down a deep mine shaft is the eco friendly way.


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You're right, of course, Mike, says a duly chastened:

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Its the Amazon reviewer who has a K10D and reviews the K-7 on the strength of "I've been having a play around with K7 thanks to a local camera shop and I am very impressed.".

He'd have given it 5 stars but the for slow frame rate!!!

Obviously something available in the K10D

At least the Leica reviewer took some photos and shows us the results.
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In fairness, I was referring to his comparative review of the Suumilux and the 31 Ltd.

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He describes the Canon 5D as out of his budget, and then buys a K7, an FA31, and an FA77

George Lazarette

Link Posted 31/05/2010 - 10:23
He is prepared to go the extra mile for quality.

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