Value of my MZ-5N?


Link Posted 21/03/2004 - 20:46
I bought my MX5n in November 1999, but rarely use it. Photography is no longer my main interest, and I find the convenience of my wife's compact digital too tempting for holiday use. I bought the body with a Sigma 28mm- 70mm F2.8 - F4 zoom. At the time, this combination cost me 430. I have got the camera out of the cupboard today for the first time in ages (yes, the batteries were dead) and am pleased to see that everything is in mint condition. So, if I was to advertise this privately, has anyone got an idea of the price I should be asking for?


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This is a tough one to answer, not least as the market is turning to digital photography.

I would suggest you buy a copy of AMATEUR PHTOTGRAPHER and explore the second hand prices in there. Your private sale price should be a little lower than a shop price, but it will be much higher than a shop's buy-in price.

Alternatively you could have a look at eBay and see what auction prices are being realised. This could also use eBay to make your sale and you might get a good result.
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Sorry, that should have said "When I bought my MZ-5N"


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You can also check online at places like, and

From what I've seen an MZ5N body goes for about 120. Not so sure about the lense.

John's idea about eBay is a sound one... do a search (even for a Sigma in another mount, like Canon or Nikon), watch it in your eBay settings (assuming you have an account), then check the final sale value when the auction ends. That will give a very good indication of your sale price.

Hope that helps,
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In March two MZ-5ns have been sold on UK Ebay.

One was body-only, and went for 150.00. The other had a Pentax 28-80mm zoom, and went for 190.00.

I don't think you can expect to get a lot more than 25.00 for the Sigma on Ebay, so the total package might be worth 175.00. However, you should list it with a much lower starting price, but with a reserve that represents your absolute minimum.

Another seller failed to sell a body-only camera with a starting price of 149.00. High starting prices put people off. Once they start bidding, they develop an emotional attachment to the item they are bidding on, and will often end up bidding a lot more than they intended to.

These are my observations after spending rather too much time (and money!) on Ebay in the past few months.

As for the shops advertising in AP, etc. A lot of the prices are totally unrealistic, and at some point soon some of these shops are going to start dumping stuff just to free up some capital (and warehouse space). That's if they don't go bust, like many camera shops in the past few years. So don't expect the shops to offer you much, and don't use their prices as a guide, unless you divide by 2 or even 3.

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