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Hi all,

Some of you may remember my post from a while back about picking up some cameras and lenses from my dad back in Canada. Well, I have and now I need to figure out the value of it for insurance purposes. Due to circumstances I need to determine a value quite quickly. Below is a list of what I have and my estimation of replacement value. I just haven't been around this equipment long enough to know for certain its true value. Am I far off? If so, what adjustments should I make?

Pentax ME Super Body - 50
Pentax MX Body - 70

Pentax f/1.2 50mm - 250
Pentax-M f/1.4 50mm - 120
Vivitar Series 1 f/3.5 70-210mm - 70
Vivitar f/2.8 28mm Wide Angle - 30
Sigma 2X1:1 Tele-Macro Adaptor - 40

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.


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I'd say those figures are pretty close, give or take a few pounds. I'd maybe expect a bit less for a ME Super body and a bit more for a MX body (so they sort of cancel each other out) but the lens prices look about right.
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Replacement cost is what you need to insure for. Chances are though, if you haven't got a receipt for any particular item, the insurer will try to avoid paying out.

Take a photo of everything showing serial numbers.
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