Using the Takumar Asahi-Kogaku 50mm f3.5 lens


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I Bought this lens on Ebay. I like to play around with various types of lenses.
The lens has a 37mm thread . I managed to get a 37-42mm adapter ring and also fitted the screw to bayonet adapter.
The lens is about vintage 1950 onward. one of the earliest Takumar lenses I think it is a 4 element Tessar design. But I may be corrected on this.
I use it with a Voightlander Lens hood from a Vito B camera.

The following are 3 pictures of the lens itself.
The next picture is a landscape from Lake Eildon in Victoria where I was camping.
Th following shows how sharp this lens can. it shows the huts and shacks and my Toyota
where I stayed. and the last one is a close up picture of some wood.

I could not find anything negative with the performance of this lens.
Regards, Horst

The shacks

Lake Eildon Vic.

and a bit of a close up

Regards, Horst
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It looks pretty good to me. It must look tiny on a modern dSLR. K.
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There are not many of these about, so nice to see one in use.
Best regards, John


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I have no idea how I missed this on Ebay - you would have had some more competition. It looks to be well worth the purchase
(Absolutely wonderful accomodation you had there)
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