Using Old Pentax Lenses on Newer Pentax Cameras


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just if anyone has trouble with old lens link
my web site
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Stick a Pentax-A 50mm F1.7, a Pentax SMC K55 F1.8 or a Pentax-M 50mm F1.4 on your nice shiny new K30, K-5 or K-5iis and prepare to be amazed at how good these old lenses are!

These oldies but goodies cost about 50 or less each if you buy cannily and they will reward you with suberb, sharp images and beautiful colours. They also feel great to use. If you have a K30 or a K-01 they are a revelation with focus peaking.

Finally, get some extension tubes and get into macro - they all make stunning macro lenses on tubes.


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second the focus peaking


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"What David said."
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Stick a 50 Canon or Nikon of the same vintage on an EOS or low end Nikon and they work NOT

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ilovesaabs wrote:
Stick a 50 Canon or Nikon of the same vintage on an EOS or low end Nikon and they work NOT

I love Pentax

And don't forget on the Pentax you get shake reduction. Try asking Cabin in if they'll retrofit an old nifty 50 with IS free of charge
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but it does help


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Is it true that Nikon don't have a MF equivalent of the Pentax 'A' Series?
i.e. They don't have a MF lens on which the aperture can be set from a DIGITAL camera body and also displayed on the LCD? They only have AF lenses that do that.

If it is true I'm surprised no one has picked up on it from the other mans grass is always greener brigade I'm sure they would if it was the other way around

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No idea Algi, we're not here to pick holes in Nikon's range of lenses.

What I can tell you is that many Nikon lenses do have to be used manually on digital, there isn't the very wide compatibility that we expect with Pentax.
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I found the easiest manual lenses to use with my K5 are the Pentax-A lenses , the M42mm non automatic lenses and the M42 automatic with manual-auto lever.

These lenses don't require the green button to be pushed. you can also use the Av and Tv settings without problems.
when using Pentax-A lenses, every thing stays the same as with the F or AF lenses, except you have to set the focal length when switching on and adjust the focus manually. but the auto focus indicator will help.
When using any brand M42 lenses, you again set the focal length on switch on. With an auto lens, set your aperture you like on the diaphragm ring on the lens, set the leaver to "auto", then focus wide open.
Then set the lever to "man" and take your picture. The shutter speed is then still automatically set by the camera.
It you use a completely manual lens, Set the aperture to wide open, then focus, then stop down to the aperture you like. this can often be done without looking by counting the click stops, if your lens has them.
I never use Pentax-M lenses, they are to tedious to use on my K5.
Its quite hard to find the stupid green button, when your eye is on the viewfinder.

Some of my favorite Manual lenses are: Pentax-A 50mm f2.8 macro.
Super Takumar 55mm f1.8, Helios 44-2 55mm f2 and Indusar 50mm f3.5

Regards, Horst
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I would add just the following point on usability - if you set AF-S mode on the camera with a manual focus lens, you will be able to use 'Catch in Focus' either pre-setting the lens focus or turning the focus ring until the camera senses focus and fires. But the only focus point that will work for this and flash red in the viewfinder will be the centre point - none of the other focus points or indicators are active.

Contrary to what Horst said just above, I don't find the M lens I have to be tedious at all - a challenge sometimes as there's an extra step or so to getting a good shot, but I enjoy the extra physicality of the process. Its takes some 'brain training' to always remember what aperture is set (you don't see it displayed on the camera) plus to always remember to 're-meter' with the green button whenever you recompose or the subject is differently lit, but I find I quite enjoy the pracical aspects of all this. And the lens handling is great.
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[Contrary to what Horst said just above, I don't find the M lens I have to be tedious at all -

You are of course right, Its just that I find the green button in a bit an awkward position. Also in the excitement I have a tendency to forget to push it before making an exposure.
However this is just me.

Regards, Horst
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I only started using the 'green button' in anger yesterday. Using the K5 makes this a breeze, the button is perfectly placed. On the Kr and K30 (and i guess the Kx, K500 and K50) i found it far less easy to use as the button is sited on top of the camera and not intuitively placed. On the K5 the green button is perfectly placed for a thumb press. But on the lesser bodies you have to search around with your forefinger and then end up pressing the compensation button by mistake.

But the green button works a treat.


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But i really miss focus peaking from the K30. Shame that couldn't be added to the K5 in a firmware release.


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Is it straight forward to use older lenses on a kx?
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stalky wrote:
Is it straight forward to use older lenses on a kx?

Yes! You must set the menu option 'Use Aperture Ring' to the 'Permitted' setting and then away you go! It tests your eyesight and your focussing skill, but that's where the fun lies!


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