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I have had a recent debate with a fellow photographic enthusiast. We both are debating the following 'shot scenario'. (this is on the basis that MINIMAL or NO work is done in software etc.

anyway, let's get on with it.....

2 photographers look at the same view. they both register a 3stop difference between land and sky. one prefers to use a grad ND 3stop to fully equate the light levels, the other selects a grad ND 2stop to leave a differential of 1stop. who is technically correct or is this a subjective view?

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That's the thing with photography, they're both correct...both of them caught the scene as they wanted.

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yes, that's how I think...
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Thats the beauty, there are no right or wrongs, only great images.
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kerrowdown wrote:
...Thats the beauty, there are no right or wrongs,..

. Just continuing a little about "no rights or wrongs".....I have just started to experiment with long exposures etc. I have recently stood in the cold on a beach at 4am/5am in the morning when it's still dark, shooting very long exposures to capture the slowly changing light levels etc and yet, a friend of mine said he'd prefer to use several nd filters in lighter conditions to emulate the same. Maybe I am wrong but I didn't think he could achieve the same as all I know of is 3stop nd filters and even doubling 2 3stop filter together I dont think he could achieve the same. are there any higher stop filters that I am not yet aware of (ie I am referring to p-series cokin filter btw) ?
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There is a new 8-stop Cokin (it's nearly black!), IIRC.

However, although the amount of light changes through the day - and you can compensate with grads - the quality of light changes as well. And that cannot be created with grads (or anything else).

Some of the best landscape shots I've seen have been taken by photographers who sit and wait patiently for the light to be just right - with, or without an ND grad. To illustrate, check out AndyTVcams and Keith Henson on ePhotozine (They're also very helpful in providing advice).

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There was a lovely photo in the last Black and White photo magazine which had an exposure of 60 minutes... Taken at night using a view camera.

Best wishes, Kris.
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MattMatic wrote:
There is a new 8-stop Cokin (it's nearly black!), IIRC.Matt

wow. I didn't know that! So that is p-series fit aswell? Besides yourself, does anyone know how effective it is? (i would like to try this as a comparison to sitting it out in the cold for hours etc )
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the 3 stop difference although probably less accurate looking, would look better to the untrained eye, I'm guessing.
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Haven't got one... it's not an ND grad, just an ND. Can't remember the number but think it was P (or could be Z-Pro).
Think it was on either Speedgraphic or Cokin's site.

Number is 156, available in "P" size -
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