Troubleshooter - Ni-MH batteries or not?


Link Posted 25/02/2002 - 12:48
I was going to get a Power Grip for my MZ5N so that AA batteries could be used as they are more available. I could also charge up enough to power the camera & flash. But here comes the problem, some books/mags/shops praise there use others say they can ruin my equipment. Which is right, if the latter why?


Link Posted 26/02/2002 - 17:43
I used to use re-chargeables in winders / flashguns but found them to be a bit of pain as they tend to lose charge very quickly, i.e almost without warning.

With regard to damaging your equipment I believe that this refers to the fact that the output from re-chargeables is not 1.5 volts per cell and can therefore cause problems if the equipment is particularly sensitive.


Link Posted 23/03/2002 - 11:22
Rechargeable batteries seem to work for a very short period of time - you certainly couldn't change them on an annual basis as I do with Silver Oxide cells (MX, P30T, 110 SLR), Lithium cells (MZ3) or Ultra Alkaline Duracells (645n).
I wouldn't add the extra weight for a AA battery pack with the MZ5N - why not just carry a spare Lithium battery instead?
Best regards, John
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