[Trade] Some lenses M42 and K mount. fungus.


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This post will only interest those really into manual lenses.

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I've been away from the hobby for a while, and as a consequence these have been abandoned.

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When I was really afflicted with the lens buying syndrome, symptoms were reduced by exploring old manual lenses. It got really bad though, as I was dismantling them to clean or solve mechanical problems. Well trying to anyway.

They all have varying degree of fungus infestation, none very bad, some wisps mostly on the edges. I hope someone is willing to give them a second chance. Its not a job for me any more.

Tamron 70-210mm adaptall-2, great lens, integrated hood, smooth operation, mechanically perfect, tiny scratch in front lens element.
SMC-A 50mm F1.7, this was a recovery job, those with a keen eye will not that the rubber grip for the focus ring is not the original. the aperture ring wasn't working properly, but now does although could do with proper lubrication. Otherwise mechanical perfect, focus is ridiculous smooth. I don't need to tell anyone how good this lens is, this is definitely worth the recovery.
Steinheil 135mm F4.5 M42, this not a rare find, but uncommon. Good lens but not brilliant (check my CZJ for a great 135mm M42). It is complete with original case, cap and filter.
Industar-61 50mm F2.8, solid results, this shows its age, but still works great, although the focus ring is not perfectly smooth.

Tamron adaptall 28mm F2.8, this was never a brilliant lens, so when I wanted to test cleaning a lens I went for this one. It did not go well. I must have reversed one of the many lens elements, as it recovered from surgery focusing well in the centre and less so out of it. I never bothered trying to correct it since it was a funny effect and it wasn't worth the hassle. Free

I've also have this free to go, although I doubt anyone will touch it.
Pentax 70-200mm

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The horror!

The Tamron 28mm and the 70-200mm are free to whomever wants to clean them or scavenge for parts.
As I mention in my other post marked [Trade] I was hoping to trade stuff for a Pentax 200mm F4 and Tamron 300mmm F5.6.


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Also considering the Tamron 60-300mm A2
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The tamron 28mm and Pentax 70-200mm are gone.

These items will probably be going on ebay, as there has been no interest in trade.
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