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Spent Saturday and Sunday trying tp photograph the Tour De France, with some success, but as the riders arrive and pass so quickly, you only get a few chances. The other issue is that once you have driven to a location, you can't get anywhere else until the roads reopen. Anyway here are a few from the weekend.

Lenses used were FA* 80-200 & DA* 50-135 with 1.4 TC. I have read rumours about a new Pentax 70-200 lens and if this is true its about time. I just hope its faster than the DA* 50-135, its a great lens but, I just wish it were faster. I really enjoy shooting with the K3, but at times I get frustrated that the lens choice in the focal lengths I need is so restricted.
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Nice set of images. Agree with the lens statement. You struggle with Pentax for choice If your into sports..
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No3 is excellent with the snake-like depiction of the race along the winding road, and it is a nicely framed but of countryside. So you did really well to be there af the right time, that's for sure!
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Excellent set with great viewpoints.

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Thanks guys. Well I will now have to wait until next year to get another go.


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Well done Gareth, I spent all day at 'Le Tour' in Oughtibridge (Sheffield) yesterday, camera gear in tow! I know how difficult it is to get good shots of the race, it really is chaotic, fast and unpredictable. The other problem is that with so many riders in the pelleton, the camera doesn't know where to focus! I might try MF next time.

I think your shots are good, I haven't processed mine yet but I think I have a few worth showing, so I'll put these on later. My favourite of the three above is the second one, this is superb, particularly so because all of the riders in shot are from the same team.


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All good shots, I particularly like #3 because of the viewpoint and #2 because for some reason it reminds me of the Goodies as well as being a great shot



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very good set. #3 is great meandering across the diagonal



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Great set. I went up to see the Tour yesterday, so can really understand the comments on the challenges of
photographing it . Looks like you found really excellent spots.

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I love these photographs Gareth: they echo my memories of the day. My favourite is #2 as it shows the dynamism of the participants of the tour. and my, did they whizz past quickly.

Well done for capturing #3 at Kex Gill. It must have taken some walking or climbing to get up there. I regularly drive along that road and I've only ever seen sheep where you were!

I was lucky to be able to see the first and second stages of the tour and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I did manage a few snaps, non of note though as I don't have your ability and I wanted to view the tour first hand and not through a view finder whilst trying to operate a camera

Thank you for showing us your photographs.

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I like these
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