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A long time ago I was a road racer in amateur events. Competed in some events with the pros, including guys who had been in the Tour de France.
Nowadays there's no pro-am distinction but back in the 1960s there were some 1st cat events which also had semi pros (Independents) riding in them I gave it up when I got enaged and work became more demanding but came back to cycling in my 40s as a leisure hobby and after retirement rode a mountain bike on the many railway lines converted into cycle tracks near where I live. I don't ride any more now.
Carl you make me envious. Eurocar is more than just one of France's top teams, its one of the world's. That guy Tommy Voeckler in your team was a true star of the Tour de France a couple of years ago.

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Is anyone going to stage 3, Cambridge to London? I will be trying to catch start and finish after getting off the sleeper from Inverness.
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davidstorm wrote:
Been to check out the viewpoints today at my parents in law's house, there will be a superb view of the riders coming up Jawbone Hill in Sheffield, with no obstructions from spectators as they won't be allowed on this stretch of the road (it's too narrow and has no footpath).

Looking forward to getting some decent shots, this will take some planning.


Post code and house number please David



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Blythman wrote:
Post code and house number please David

It's a closely guarded secret Alan People on this hill who own a bit of land are charging ridiculous amounts of money for one night's camping with no facilities.

We are camping out on a field behind the in-laws house which has the fantastic view down the hill that I mentioned, but we're a little concerned that other people might try to get on there and pitch their own tents on private land. They will get a rude response if they do!


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TBH unless you are knowledgeable enough to recognise the riders one photo of a cyclist looks much the same as any other to me. Nevertheless as the tour passes within walking distance of my house I shall no doubt wander down and take a snap or two
Regards, Philip


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I love the idea of this being over here and the opportunities it provides for other set etc BUT I can't bring myself to take pics of sweaty men in lycra

Just kidding, I hope you all have a great time and look forward to the pics
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I saw it pass one time in France, a silent colorful blur that seemed to last 5 seconds, but worth the very long wait
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I watched the tour today coming through Ilkley today and concur with Dr O. - a long build up, with excitement growing and then a a blur of cars and bikes gone in a flash.

You don't need to be a keen cyclist to enjoy the spectacle. Thousands of people had come to see the race and I was perched on a wall next to a group of jolly lads who had come from Birmingham. Despite the warm, bright sunshine and the ready supply of beer they were good natured and celebrated along with everyone else. They even gave this "older man" a leg-up to get onto the wall

I am lucky that the second stage also comes close by and I will be in Addingham tomorrow. Happy to meet up if anyone is planning on being on the Addingham to Bolton Abbey road.

Getting older and grumpier. Taking longer to decide which lens to use today.

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I hope to be in Sheffield on or near to the 33% climb, 5km from the finish - the curiously named 'Cote de Jenkin Road' (translation: Jenkin Road).

My cousins lived just off there and it is no more than 1.5 miles from home. I have taken many a shot from near the summit including of the Tinsley Towers just before they came down and can't resist the surreal pull of an international event passing somewhere so close to my (parents') home.

The whole point of going to the hill is it will slow them all down and give me the chance to catch the climbing agonies etched on their faces - no flashing by in a couple of minutes!

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I went to Leeds to see the start all I can say is what a fantastic day
Got to Leeds around 7-45 and it was 4 deep at the headrow no chance to see the start
But saw them signing in there was plenty of things goining off
Watching it on TV today
cheers Neil
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