To repair or not to repair?


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2 years ago I upgraded to my K1. I part exchanged a couple of my old bodies and assorted lenses but kept my K3 and DA* 50-135 as backup (along with a sigma 18-50). I haven't, however, touched either of them since then. The main reason I haven't used the lens is because the SDM is broken. I have often thought about sending it for repairs but have not done so thinking it would be uneconomical.
Do you guys think it would be worthwhile getting the lens repaired and then selling it?


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Hi Naim

I definitely would, it's a fantastic lens, but why not keep it as you still have the K-3?


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Hi Naim Are you sure the SDM is broken? They do go to sleep if not used regularly.
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If you have access to a body older than the K-3 you could attempt converting to screw drive. I love my 50-135 so personally would spend the 200 or so to repair.
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Convert it to screwdrive and sell it as such. I don't think repairing the SDM makes sense in terms of cost.


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Mine rarely had time to go to sleep but drove me around the bend and the 50-135 was the worst, and by the way was replaced for a new lens once by Pentax.

However the four in question were 4 years old and had been well used in some extreme climates.

When I came back to UK after a couple of years it was so bad I almost went to Nikon.

However, I sent 4 DA*s to Pramath at address below; much cheaper, guaranteed repair, quicker than Johnsons Photopia - no problems since

(I just hope the latest DFA,s hold up)

You should send your lens to Pramath ( fantastic guy) at ;

Asahi Photo Technical  


6 Albany Parade, High Street, TW8 0JW Brentford


CONTACT NAME; PRAMATH 02082328111 - 02085606856
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Thanks all for your input. Converting it to screw drive is an option - I'll look into it.
That lens is deceased.
I'll give your man a call and get an estimate.


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Pramath at Ashai Photo is good (just replaced the solenoid in the K-30) - but not that particularly quick to either complete a job or respond to emails (and so on - so phone if you need an actual response) .
PS: the K-30 was updated to the K-50 f/w hack developed by that guy in Russia (see the US forum!) this morning and worked pretty well this afternoon with the 55-300 PLM
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Another vote of confidence for Pramath at Brentford.

It will cost 150 or thereabouts to get it repaired but he does check the motors before fitment as he told me that he has received faulty batches which he returned. All lenses checked and returned. Fixed my FA*28-70 too.,...

There are ways to convert the lens to screwdrive, but seeing as fully functioning lenses fetch around 350-400 nowadays you wonder whether it is worth the while getting the lens repaired with a worry it will go kaput again but balance that againt knowing you have a defective lens already.......... I spent the 150.
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