To grip or not to grip, that's the question


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Just received my Sigma 50-150 f2.8 which is 780g.
Do you guys think a grip will improve handling much?

My right fingers seem to fatigue quite quickly holding the K-5 + lens. Adding a grip will add weight so I'm afraid it may make things worse. But the balance may help in a certain way (like for example, it feels relatively heavier using the Tamron 70-300 than the Sigma 8-16 even though the former is lighter).

What do you guys think? Grip or no grip?

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Read my Sig.

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testdasi wrote:
My right fingers seem to fatigue quite quickly holding the K-5 + lens.

Do you shoot with one hand or hold the camera in your hand when you don't use it?
Maybe adjusting your grip (hand position) might improve handling

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See also Marmite. Some (me included) like them. Others hate them.


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Oggy wrote:
See also Marmite. Some (me included) like them. Others hate them.

So do you use grip? I love Marmite!

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I have a grip. Almost never use it. I get fed up with accidentally changing settings by knocking the controls on the grip. I blow the dust off it if I know I am going to use a heavy lens almost exclusively (e.g., my 50-135) which equates to having used it once in, ummm, two years.

I can see why people like them, but I prefer to have the extra space in my camera bag for a couple more old manual primes.


PS Love marmite.
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Love Marmite, hate grips.
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hefty1 wrote:
Love Marmite, hate grips.

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I don't like using a camera without a grip. Just feels wrong.
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Everything SLR/DSLR I have that takes a grip, is gripped. So I'm in the gripped camp.

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buy the grip.
only one of my four d-slrs has the grip, but when you're on an extended shoot it comes in handy and it does come off if you don't care for it.
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Link Posted 29/04/2011 - 06:10
Used a grip on My K20D. took it off as it added weight and nothing much else. next generation, bought two K-5s. No grip not interested.

A grip is a personal thing. Some like it some don't. You won't find the answer asking others, you gotta see for yourself
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depends on the size of your hands as well, i have very big hands & have tryed my k7 without a grip & really fumbled but with the grip it just feels comfortable not even that big, at the begining when getting into digital i was in 2 minds whether or not to go canon or nikon only because of the larger cameras, so to me it is subjective as to your needs. regards ian
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both my K10 and K5 are gripped and both myself and my little monster prefer the feel, balance and control layout with them. She has small hands, too, being only they take another battery, meaning I generally go 2 months without charging.

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And if you are in the grip camp, consider trying the camera with a single battery only in the grip.

Obviously it doesn't affect the control layout or response to the size of your hands, but if it is balance you're after it can make another significant step in the right direction. (Remember that a battery and the empty grip are of about similar weights.)

When did you last exhaust a full battery in a single shoot - without time to swap a battery? And if you did what size memory card were you using?
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