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I'm considering buying a monitor for photo editing, looking for something in the 19" plus range, but no bigger than 24" as I don't have the space. Obviously colour accuracy is a major concern, it will be calibrated with a Huey but even so all monitors are not created equal. I understand S-IPS panels generally provide the best colour accuracy? is that correct?

any suggestions for brand/model would be most helpful. My housemate has a Dell 2007WFP which seems superb compared to my laptop panel, but they seem to have been discontinued and the 2009 is a TN panel. I have also been looking at the Hazro panels, which look really good but are really too expensive. Am I just going to have to find the cash for a Hazro or something similarly pricey, or is there a good cheaper option?
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I think I may have mentioned this on the forum earlier, but my absolute favourite as far as monitors go is the Samsung SyncMaster. They are not expensive, and produce a very good image. In fact, I have never calibrated my monitor (Samsung SyncMaster 173T), but still the photos look very good on it. Grey scales show up as distinct areas from white to black and every nuance in between.

The T Series has an extremely wide viewing angle (176x176 degrees), which is important for photographic work. It means you can shift your viewing position quite a lot without noticing any change in brightness or colour.
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I have a LaCie 120 which is very nice - and calibrates very well indeed.
What is interesting is the backlight is not as powerful as a "general" monitor. For colour critical work you should have very low ambient lighting (read: almost dark!). Normal office and home lighting is usual far too bright!

Samsung make a large proportion of the LCD panels used in "named" brand monitors. For photographic work the main thing is accuracy of colour rendition. As Terry points out, a wide angle of view is essential (my Toshiba Tablet PC has a terrible LCD from this point of view - colours change as you move your head... grrr).

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I now have a Dell 1908WFP. It's bigger brother (2408WFP) came out best in a test of reasonably price monitors in one of the UK computer magazines. I don't have room for such a huge screen so opted for the 19 inch instead. It is a vast improvement over my tiny, old, HP monitor.
I would have liked to compare it to a more expensive make, such as Eizo, but of course since Dell don't have shops that was impossible.
Nevertheless I am very happy with it, and can put the difference in price between it and an Eizo towards the 60-250.


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I bought a big 24" and cheap Acer and I wouldn't recommend it for photographic work as I don't think it has sufficient quality. It's fine for what I do which is software development and is easy on the eye all day. But for photographic work I think you need to spend more than the 200 I paid.



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thanks everyone. I've just discovered that Morgan Computers have got HP L1955's for 117.

It has a P-MVA panel and every review I can find seems to be positive about it's colour accuracy.

Looks like Morgan are once again the bargain hunters friend!!
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My advice is to test before buying. In my job we have not the best experience with HP monitors, unfortunately. The LP1955 is also a discontinued product. It does have 176 degrees viewing angle, though.

As far as I know, Samsung makes the panels for the Dell monitors.
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If you want a S-IPS screen, then most of the cheaper widescreens don't use them as most manufacturers are making monitors for the gaming sector which need very fast response times and S-IPS aren't that fast. Widescreen S-IPS panels are usually pretty expensive as can be judged by the price of the Apple widescreen nmonitors which are S-IPS. Dell have used S-IPS panels, but they don't always do so, so it can be a bit of a lottery.

If you are okay with a non widescreen monitor (which I actually prefer) I can recommend the HP LP2065 20.1" (1600 x 1200) monitor which uses a S-IPS panel and calibrates very well and is not too expensive either, although I notice it has risen somewhat since I bought mine, I paid around 250 about a year ago from ebuyer, but there is a cashback deal from HP. http://www.ebuyer.com/product/118828.

The beauty of S-IPS panels is that not only do they have a very good viewing angle but very good colour accuracy, probably better than any other type of panel, I guess that's why Apple use them for their high grade Cinema range of monitors.
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Thanks for the helpful advice all!!

I went for the HP in the end, and I'm glad I did so far.

Compared to my laptop screen there is simply no contest even straight out of the box. The factory default config is (somewhat uncommonly in this age of big numbers=better) not overly bright and gives pleasing colours. After setting it to 6500K and calibrating with my Huey, it is almost perfectly matched to prints from my Dad's Epson 1400.

The claimed viewing angle of 176 degrees seems credible, and it's certainly better than my laptop screen or my old HP 1520. Most importantly, being a P-MVA panel, it does not have the typical brightness problem of cheap TN screens where the screen appears dark when viewed from below and bright from above.

Overall, for 117 a superb monitor. If Morgan still have any and anyone else is looking for a new screen, highly recommended.
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