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I'm essentially from the A-Mount slowly making a partial transition to K-Mount. I'm looking for a dedicated tilt/swivel external flashgun and would like your input as whether this link is an accurate assessment of what's best to buy for my K-5?

From my other DSLR mount, some older A-Mount manufacturers flashguns are still fully compatible with the current 3 digit A-Mount models (though not 2 digit SLT's) and these have a (D) designator in the model title to denote 'digital'.

Are there any older tilt/swivel models I can look for that are compatible with today's K-Mount DSLR's that would be a better bang for buck on the used market than a more basic new model? Any pointers appreciated. I'm essentially after an intermediate semi-pro gun with a GN of circa 56 but more than 42 for around a ton.

I've found this Polaroid gun on Amazon (UK) which is tilt/swivel head and 42 GN. Reviews seem OK, but can I do better?
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I can't tell you about the budget list, but the recommended list is a bit off.

The 58-1 has been superceded by the 58-II, on which the firmware is upgradable
The 540 is ok but expensive and lacks some functionality of the 58-II
48 and 530, don't know sorry
The 360 is ok but there's a new model out which has tils and swivel, the older just tilts? (up and down)

In terms of budget, google a bit about the Yongnuo YN 560 III, it's allegedly a good budget priced alternative to the Pentax 540
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i had a metz 58ii twice both units where faulty, returned.
one DOA, the other used twice, then just stopped powering up,
cannot say i was impressed with build ....
Had a look at the Polariod didnt impress.
In the end went for the pentax 540 and are happy with that,
360 looked okay but with problems with casing door to battery weak
and only tilt.

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Well, FWIW I've located a Sigma EF 530 DG Super for 75.00 and a Metz 50 AF-1 for 128.00 (both delivered prices). I'm not requiring a pro grade gun, just a competent intermediate grade, but all things are not created equal.

Any opinions and/or pro's/con's on either
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Now sourced a Metz 50 AF-1. Thx all.
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hi PIRATE, any chance you can point me in the direction of the 530 DG super for 75 please is you are not having it.


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strumstrum wrote:
hi PIRATE, any chance you can point me in the direction of the 530 DG super for 75 please is you are not having it.


Sure, evilBay item: 261178758446

You need to Make An Offer for 75.00 which is what the vendor offered it to me for.
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