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Good to see you Bill!
Will have to check it out later when I pop to the shops.
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I'm perfectly happy with APS-C and Pentax in particular...OVF and weather resistance in a rugged body with availability of reasonably priced used lenses is enough to keep me a customer for the forseeable future.

My son however started with Pentax DSLRs then tried Canon DSLR then Sony FF mirrorless before changing again to Olympus 4/3 mirrorless. He's just sold his Olympus 4/3rds mirrorless with EVF because it was giving him eye strain / blurred vision. I used a handheld meter against the EVF when in use with WiFi turned off and there was a level of Electro Magnetic radiation from the EVF that could well account for these health effects.
Had the WiFi been on as well things would potentially have been even worse.

WiFi affects my heart / blood pressure amongst other things so these effects are not unknown...why I became interested in the first place...but adverse health effects are not something the camera marketing departments will be keen on publicising and the government denies the science no help from them.

If you know of anyone though who suffers from eyestrain / blurred vision/ headaches/ dry itchy eyes after using this tech then worth mentioning it might be their camera.

My son's discomfort has gone with regard to these issues since ditching his mirrorless.




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Thanks Peter Gareth and Karlo...

Karlo, that's really interesting... not something I'd heard of before... hope your son's better now... but will def keep my ear to the ground on the subject...

Yes, I think the OVF vs EVF is definitely a "thing"... have tried having a look through various EVFs on mates' cameras, and really don't like it at all, particularly for landscape photography... if I'm given a choice of looking through an eyepiece and seeing either the actual scene, or an electronic approximation (however good it might be), I'll be taking the real live scene every time...

There's always a temptation I suppose for whatever the bright shiny new thing may be at any particular time, but as I mention in the article, I think the K1ii, and pretty much all Pentax cameras since the K5, remain technically really strong...

From a landscape photography pov, 36mp, weather sealing, in camera shake reduction, decades of compatible lenses and OVF as a package outspecs pretty much anything out there that I can see in the mirrorless field as things stand... certainly at a comparable price point... by some distance...

Cheers all


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No problem are most definitely not alone in being unaware of possible health effects from this new technology. Had i not stumbled upon it when trying to find answers to some health issues i started having with the introduction of mobile phones / WiFi...i probably would still be in the dark.

I can recommend the web address HERE for a good introduction.

They have a link titled 'Information' at the top of the page which is very informative.

I used their PF5 meter on this occasion to detect both magnetic and electric fields from the EVF on the Olympus EM-D II. Readings of the magnetic field were in the 'amber' range on meter meaning that some people with a particular susceptability to EM fields may suffer debilitating health conditions at these levels.

EM fields are subject to the 'inverse square law' which means that if you increase your distance from a source of EM by a factor of two (i.e twice as far away) your exposure to the associated field strength drops NOT by half but by four times...i.e is just a quarter as strong...distance from source is your friend. If you move four times further away your exposure drops to 1/16th. HOWEVER the converse is true...the closer you
move to a source of EM fields your exposure increases dramatically...herein lies the crux of the matter...with an EVF your cornea is within a couple of mms or so of the EVF screen,which is charged...just like a miniature desktop screen.

Anyway...don't want to crash the thread...just thought I needed to mention this.

Congratulations on your article and pleased to hear things are starting to happen for you again.




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We've had Damien and Nigel giving talks at our club and both represented MILC companies as well - Panasonic and Olympus respectively. Both were quite shocked when I made my feelings known about EVF. They do have their advantages, but I prefer to see what the camera sees with no digitalisation whatsoever otherwise I would've bought a Z7ii already. EVFs just give a different version of reality, and if I wanted to see what effects a particular filter has then I will just use Live View (as the camera will invariably be sitting on a tripod)...

We had plenty of APs in Richmond Station WH Smith - this week's and last week's. I didn't buy this time.
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Swings and roundabouts, swings and roundabouts. If swings suit you better than roundabouts, go on the swings. And vice versa. Neither is better or worse than the other, just different. Let's have both so we can choose which to use. And if going on one makes you feel unwell, use the other.



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I use OVFs and EVFs with no problem from either, or from switching between one and the other. Each has it's pros and cons.
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Thanks Karlo, Peter, Steve and Jonathan…

Yup, each to their own, as always 😄…


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