This is NOT Adorama or B&H


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This is a local camera shop

It looks like a barn but the actual shop floorspace is only about an eighth of the the place the rest is warehouse and offices

1) This is a coffee shop , but yes it's also a sales area and there have been webcasts done from here

2) want to buy a bag ?

3) or some smaller ones ?

4) Originally all 3 of these cases contained Pentax gear - now it's down to 1 and it contained 1 Ricoh camera and the Pentax 18-135WR lens that took 2.5 months to come from Pentax !

I should add that they also have classrooms fully equipped for teaching - overhead projectors , whiteboards etc and a Post processing teaching lab - they find that classes go down very very well
let the education continue

proud owner of a couple of cameras and a few bits and bobs
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A camera shop with coffee sound pretty much ideal to me.
Best regards, John


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Looks like Starcliks
Half Man... Half Pentax ... Half Cucumber

Pentax K-1 + K-5 and some other stuff



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A good idea....and just up the road at Rockingham link

Best regards
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