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Ok,I've left it a little late,51 now.After years of owning Film cameras,first ever camera Kodak 277X,progressed onto Olympus OM10,a few Nikons,Canons,ending up with a Pentax MX and a Canon EOS 50E,before moving onto digital compacts.
I am now the proud owner of a K-7 with 18-55 AL WR lens.Simply astounded and a little daunted by the sheer amount of features/settings/options,but looking forward to the challenge.
Any tips or pointers re settings could be most helpful.


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Hello and welcome to the forum

Sorry no tips on the K7 from me but there are plenty of people here who could help
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Hi GAry

Welcome to the forum - you will find us a friendly helpful lot - and many of us have owned or do own K7s.

Pointers? well read the manual for sure (or at least the main bits) - then Play with it - it will not bite! The first thing to learn with a DSLR is that learning costs nothing - no paying for developing 36 duds anymore!. Best tip I can give you to start with is just stick a decent sized memory card in it - and get out there and fire of hundreds of shots trying all the different features. The images will record the exif data so when you load them in to whatever storage or editing program you are using you will be able to look at your results and ee the data telling you what settings you used.

If you haven't yet got an editing/ storage program - Picasa 3 - which is a free Google download is a good place to start and very easy to use.

After an initial proper 'play' you may well have a lot of specific questions - fire them away here and i am sure you will receive good advice.


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Welcome to the forum, enjoy the K7!

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Hi Gary.

Take care.
Chris R.

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Hi Gary, Welcome. I too am a proud owner of a K-7 and learning. If you ask something I am familiar with, I can help. You will anyway get great tips from the forum members who have wealth of knowledge.


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