The Photography Show - did you actually BUY anything?



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DrOrloff wrote:
6 !

I'm sure it must have been a "First Class" Subway and "just the ticket"!
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No just a BLT but did include FREE crisps... So I guess that's a bargain then
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I got a cyberlink power director photo suit and movie software for 31, buy one got othr free. Also got the practical photography magazine package. I was very impressed with ghe DHO? I couldn't afford it, so opted for the cyberlink instead.

Thought hte food hall was very expensive so i ate at weatberspoons instead. Saw Damian Demoulder and women in photography which was brill have learnt tons of things and I'm glad that i went.

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I got a Black Rapid sport and included the tripod screw, and a "clutch" camera hand strap
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Despite or the moans about how much things cost i enjoyed the day

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