The Pentax MX will be around for a VERY LONG TIME!


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Tonight, the first episode of the BBC 1 TV series "Star Gazing Live Australia" is broadcasting - it's an astronomy live series and there was a feature on tourists (in the far future!) travelling to a planet around the star Proxima B (a LONG way from here!), and one of them has a camera, which turns out to be a film-era Pentax MX!!! ("technological continuity" seems to have been a little lacking on the part of the production team)

PS: to the Mods - if possible, change the "1" at the end of the Title to a "!" !!!!
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Interesting and justifiable...

I spent 6 hours fixing a 'wrecked' battery leaked corroded one last night, the shutter dial was 1/2 eaten with battery acid and fused together with the ASA dial. Now just needs seals and a focus screen clean.

Nightmare job but I wouldn't give up and it had to be brought back to life!

That is my 2nd 'Phoenix' MX

Now I have 2 of them
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