The Martians Have Landed!


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The premise is that you are in the place where suddenly aliens land right in front of you. No car, other transport or other people nearby. So obviously you need to record this moment on your camera. You are not on a photo walk, just somewhere going about normal everyday affairs.

The question is, what would you have with you to take this momentous picture?

My answer is that I would have my Pentax MX-1 in my jacket pocket, be it a sports jacket, suit jacket or warm outdoor coat as the weather demanded.

How about you?
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Funnily enough, I'm in my car right now, and my drone is sitting in the boot. They'd be mildly amused by it I would imagine.

If that doesn't count, then I've always got my phone with me (and usually my K-1 with a funny assortment of lenses).
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My LF1 is always in my jacket pocket.

Yeah, I know, not Pentax. Unfortunately, there is no Pentax equivalent. C'est la vie.

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Would be handier than a camera anyway as I can put it in selfie mode and still take photos over my shoulder as I run away from the aliens
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My QS1 with the standard prime. Always with me.
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Panasonic LX7
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Given I have been doing the "Single in..." challenge on the US fora, I am usually carrying my K-3 about most of the time. This month it would be the K-3/FA31mm, last month it was the K105/2.8. I haven't picked next months lens yet... I'm leaning towards my Jupiter 9 85mm.

Failing that, it would have to be my new Leica. Oh, it has a phone attached to it and gets emails too.

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I admire all your sang-froid, my iPhone would have a flat battery as usual and I would either keel over or run as fast as. Or I might just have a small Lumix on my person.


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If you look at my profile thumbnail picture you will clearly see I had my trusty *ist DS with me when I came across the Martians in 2006.

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Motorola android phone or maybe, Ahem! Fuji X10.
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KS1 with 40mm 2.8 Ltd.


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If it was today, it would be a P6x7 & 45mm lens for the wide-shot and the 165/2.8 for the portraits. This is my current 'carry-around' gear that fits in a small Lowepro rucksack.
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