The grass isnít always greener


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Apologies from the outset as this isnít directly related to Pentax but I think it is a useful lesson nonetheless. My favourite bird photographer is Arthur Morris, who for years was a Canon Master of Light, a prestigious title which meant they funded his exhibitions and lectures and in return he promoted the brand and gave demos using their kit. His remarkable photos involved the most expensive bodies and premium telephoto lenses coupled with stacked teleconverters. About three years ago Canon dropped him without explanation following a change in the brandís marketing strategy, and which coincided with a time when he was becoming frustrated at Canonís lack of technical developments being seen at other companies.

He switched to Nikon for their better motion tracking and greater number of megapixels, spending an eye-watering amount on kit to match his previous setup. All was going swimmingly until he was appalled to discover that off-centre focal points didnít work at all with teleconverters attached. He has since repeated the exercise and switched to Sony.

Not many of us could take the massive financial hit of doing this once let alone twice, but it does bring home the lesson that things are not always what they are claimed to be in this business.
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a true lesson indeed, thanks for sharing.
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