The end of ful F1, on BBC.


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I didn't realise it was that bad (not being interested -at all- in sport) I thought it was on all the time.

Does it have to be the BBC - I would have thought that Radio Australia and Radio India to mention just two would also have a commentry available on the internet (I frequently hear them on SW- see 1st para, so maybe you need a SW set and 1/2 mile of wire for an aerial)



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yeah I miss good old Radio 4 , BBC world service stopped shortwave broadcast to most of Europe 3 or 4 years ago I can sometimes get the African service here but only when the weather is overcast , about 3or4 days a year then! something to do with the signal bounceing of the ionisphere. (That's not spelt right).... jeff


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I listen to the World Service every night (nearly). It tends to be quite 'worthy' but there's some interesting stuff, and it's slightly geared towards developing countries, which is laudable. I quite like 'The Forum' which is one of the programmes made specifically for the World Service rather than nicked from Radio 4.

The important role for the World Service is to provide 'real news' to people in countries with poor or propadanda-filled news and media, and where MW radio is more accessible than the internet.

I don't know how relevant the Now Show would be abroad. Ex pats can get it online as you say. As for the Archers, we could use it to drive out hostile regimes, by broadcasting at them 24/7...!
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Yes you can get radio 4 and world service livestreaming it if you have the bandwidth, however many people in Europe don't( me for one) so the ending of the very valuable short wave not MW transmission has been felt ... Jeff


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So if I told you Clarrie had wreaked havoc at Home Farm, thanks to eddie's undercooked sausage which had given her a gippy tummy, it'd mean nothing to you? Perhaps unlike f1, there are some things you're better off without


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Argh no no no stop stop stop I nearly came over all home counties.... Jeff
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I'm extremely disappointed in Bernie's decision to sell out to Murdoch.
I can't get Sky (no cable round here and trees mean no dish unless I can get a 200' high pole) not that I would get it out of principle.
I work for an F1 team and now won't be able to watch my boys doing their stuff 50% of the time unless I can find a pub that has Sky, these do however tend to be the sort of pubs that I usually avoid at all costs.
Time to find out if any relatives have Sky I guess.
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The last government made the BBC set aside 78 million to fund digital switchover equipment to the over 75s.


Along with freezing of the licence fee is there any wonder F1 gets dumped at the first opportunity???
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Alec wrote:
I work for an F1 team

Not just any F1 team.
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bforbes wrote:
Alec wrote:
I work for an F1 team

Not just any F1 team.

You are assuming that because I live in Woking I work in Woking.

I do.
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Dodge69 wrote:
Contract still had 2 years to run which is very annoying.
Guess it fuels the conspiracy theorist,

'the conspiracy theorist' is usually a pejorative term for those questioning the Establishment's theories.

You probably didn't mean it in those terms, but I find it sad that those questioning the Establishment theories are denigrated while those believing the Establishment's theories are deemed sane.


(well as the phone hacking scandal has revealed there's not much of a conspiracy),

On the contrary the phone hacking scandal proved the conspiracy is HUGE and entwined the politicians, police and media.

As I've always said about the Murdoch/Brooks hacking 'scandal':

Corrupt media being investigated by corrupt police and commented on by corrupt politicians.

And lets not be naive to think this was confined to News international.

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This isn't a political forum, so let's keep on topic please.
Best regards, John
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