The end of ful F1, on BBC.


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It had to happen.
If you want full F1 coverage from next year, you will have to support the “Murdoch” empire.

My favourite sport, so will have to miss out, (can’t use the rest of the words I want). Dam.

Take care. World domination is happening.

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Chris R.

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Yup .. not impressed to say the least.
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Definitely bad news - but I will not get Sky - too expensive - rather spend any spare cash on camera gear!

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Have to do what us footy fans do and go to the pub... Under ther Sky brand the coverage will be better..
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Watch half the race on the Beeb and then the other half on SKY!
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Well I'm another one that won't be watching. Just have to make the most of the rest of this year. Come on Lewis/Jenson
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Another one bites the dust.
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If I said what I think of Murdoch and the rest of his ilk I would swiftly be moved to the naughty step.
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Money rules everything. I'd never sign up to Sky, ever.


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That adds F1 to the list of sport that a'hole has nicked, after football, cricket and boxing. I hate murdoch and that goes way back before the NOTW scandal.
Sky Sports was available to all Sky viewers before they got the footie and once that happened they scrambled all of it not just the footie.... gits.
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Not 100% sure but I think it's on Eurosport Germany too. This is free to air, you just need to aim a satellite dish at Astra 1. Commentary can be by Five Live if you don't speak enough German to follow what's going on!

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Aren't you able to get a foreign channel on your telly?
I'm able to watch F1 on 4 or 5 channel i believe, will need to check.

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Not without a satellite dish Stefan.


Link Posted 29/07/2011 - 22:38
To be honest it isn't that difficult or expensive to set up Freesat. You don't need to have anything to do with Sky (and I wouldn't advise doing so either - the minidishes are horrible cheap things in my experience!) Just find a good independent satellite specialist and talk to them. You may need to point out why you want to pick up German TV (let's just say they probably won't think it's for the sport!) There is free English stuff on Astra 2 (although it's much the same as you get through digital terrestrial), but you'll need two dishes if you don't want to have to move it for both.

There used to be a wonderfully restful channel called Bahn TV on there too. It was run by DB as an advert for their services, but a lot of the footage was cab rides on various railway lines. They'd evidently just strapped a camera to the dashboard and left it running, so you got a peaceful cruise through the German countryside (or in winter you'd get little narrow gauge rack railways in the snow). Unfortunately it has now gone web-only.

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Well unfortunately I live in a top floor flat which makes fitting a satellite fish tricky - fortunately though F1 holds about as much enjoyment for me as listening to my next door neighbour operating his power drill, so none of this particularly matters

I hate the fact that Sky have got it though, purely on principle.
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