The defective/broken (but I couldn't bring myself to throw it away) lens thread


Link Posted 09/05/2020 - 19:47
In my case it is an SMC Pentax-DA 16-45 F4 ED AL. Purchased in 2008, it was the first 'non-kit' lens I had ever owned. It saw regular use until 2015 when something (plastic) evidently snapped inside, resulting in inner barrel lens droop at all focal lengths save 45mm. Repair, I was reliably informed, would prove uneconomic and so, being unable to part with it (strange the things that one can become attached to) I squirrelled it away and largely forgot about it: until today, that is. The time had come, or so it seemed, to attempt a DIY repair of the lens or, failing that, to pass it on as a challenge to another with more courage and/or technical nous. Before doing so, however, and given that it was such a glorious day, I thought I'd give it an outing in the garden for old times' sake with my K5. With one exception, all of the following were shot handheld at f/4 (mixture of AF and MF) using available light and, apart from being cropped, are jpegs straight from camera. The one exception is the that of the Welsh poppy, which was shot at f/6.3 then edited in PSE (healing tool) to remove some distracting brown blotches on the petals.

This exercise has served to remind me what it was I found so appealing about the 16-45: the way it renders colours and its acceptable sharpness, even when used wide open. So, if any of you out there are prepared to adopt this 'mutilé de guerre' and cover the cost of p&p, PM me

Thanks, as always, for looking.



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Excellent pictures from your 45mm f4 prime...

OK, it's a bit bulky, but If you had a purpose-built prime capable of producing pictures that good, would you really want to part with it??



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Beautiful pictures, the framing is perfect.

I had a 16-50 that had a broken zoom mechanism - it's a silly little plastic tab that keeps the whole zoom bit in check. When it breaks you lose the ability to change the FL.

I managed to repair mine with super glue but it was a cool little break that had enough surface area to hold strong with glue. Oh and you need to find the broken bit of plastic too.

Good luck with it!
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