The 2015 British Grand Prix (plus 250-mile diversion)


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Didn't take quite as many shots as usual this year, partly because I nipped away from Silverstone on Saturday morning, drove the 125 miles to Oulton Park, did some photography there and then headed back to Northants (as you do). Here, then, are a few bits from the weekend as a whole...

1 - Lewis prepares to follow the Williams drivers for a while (K-5 IIs, Tamron 70-200)

2 - How the F1 paddock looks just before 6.30am, when for some reason I seem to be the only one there (K-3, Sigma 10-20, a panorama stitched together with PS Elements 12)

3 - Mercedes team formation during Friday practice, with Nico Rosberg ahead and Sir Frank Williams on TV (K-5 IIs, 70-200)

4 - Something that turns even more effectively than a Mercedes W06... (K-3, DA300)

5 - Valtteri Bottas wonders how on earth Williams managed to convert first and second to fourth and fifth (K-5 IIs, 70-200)

6 - Between this shot's composition and execution, 17-year-old Max Verstappen had aged by 1/80 of a second (K-3, Tamron 17-50)

7 - Up at Oulton Park, meanwhile, the pace of life was a little more relaxed (K-5 IIs, 70-200)

8 - Paddock dwellers were stupefied to learn that an Alfa Romeo required surgery (K-3, 17-50)

9 - A40 driver Matt Moore decides to put Pentax's dust seals to the test (K-3, DA300)

10 - What could possibly go wrong? (K-5 IIs, 70-200)


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I think number six is probably my favourite. Hadn't realised there was historic racing on at Oulton this weekend, but then I was elsewhere.
Real name: Mike Edwards. My homage to seventies Vauxhalls:

Camera - Pentax Kx, 18-55 kit lens, 18-200 Sigma, 50-500 Sigma, 500mm Tamron mirror


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Got to agree with Mike - #6 is a superb shot Simon. Really like the composition and the shutter speed is just right. I imagine 1/80s is quite a challenge for F1 cars at certain parts of the circuit!

I also really like the classic OP shot of the little Fiat. The clarity of the Tamron 70-200mm always makes me smile!




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Nice varied set Simon, echo the comments above re No 6. I also like the F1 Paddock with no one about showing the calm before the day begins.

No 7 from Oulton park did make me smile.




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Cracking shots as usual
K10D, K5 plus plenty of clueless enthusiasm.

My Flickr site link


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Another super set, as to be expected Simon. Really nice to see the oldies



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That #6 shot is excellent.


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Thanks, everybody, for the kind words.

@Mike: It's always worth keeping an eye on for details of forthcoming fixtures at Oulton Park and other circuits within the MSV/Brands Hatch group. The information is quite detailed and a full timetable is usually posted several days ahead of each meeting.

@Simon: Yes, 1/80 can be a bit of a challenge - but it's OK at slow- to medium-speed corners (the hit rate is still quite low, although that's down to my wobbly technique rather than any inadequacy on the camera's part). I wouldn't try it at Copse, where they're doing about 165mph at the apex... Generally, I start off at 1/125 or 1/160, then move up and down between 1/60 and 1/250 to see what is (or, more frequently, isn't) achievable.


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Great the shot of Matt Moore.
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