Tamron mirror lens-Pentax *isdS


Link Posted 19/05/2013 - 14:18
How do I get Pentax *isD to recognize my Tamron 500mm mirror lens, so that it operates. I believe there is something in the set up somewhere but of course don't have a manual for this camera.


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Manual: http://www.pentax.jp/english/support/download_manual.html

Which camera do you have, the title and your post are slightly confused. The *istD and *istDS are different bodies.


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Hi Gamka.
It came to me after I had posted. I had to go to custom setting and select a switch and that allows the *isDS to function. I have also used that lens on my K7 and have had some very good results; considering it is not a high class lens to begin with. I generally use a Sigma 70-200mm f2.8 lens for wildlife but for bird shots I make good use out of this 500mm mirror lens that one of my UK students gifted to me a few years back


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Don't knock the Tamron mirror - it can produce excellent results with patience, as it sounds like you've discovered. I used it for my first shot in the Pentax Photo Gallery:

Still got mine, and looking forward to making time to try it out on the K-5 over the coming weeks.



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Sorry for the delay in answering. Thanks for the elephant image.
Here is an image I shot with the 500mm yesterday, on my Pentax *isD.
I was approximately 15 feet from the bird house, and had the camera on a monopod.

I put the camera on rapid fire; shot approximately 50 images, and got 12 keepers of this Tree Swallow.


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Great shots. I too have a mirror lens [Sigma] but unfortunately the mirror set in the front element is tarnished and the focus is now too soft to get decent results. If anyone is aware of a way to refurbish this [ideally UK] I'd be interested to find out more. I've tried Sigma but no luck there. Thanks


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Resilvering a mirror is a highly skilled job. Perhaps a Google search for lens repairers? It a bit more than just an average repair though.
Best regards, John


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johnriley wrote:
Resilvering a mirror is a highly skilled job. Perhaps a Google search for lens repairers? It a bit more than just an average repair though.

Actually John, amateur astronomers use to silver telescope mirrors. Can be done yourself. Aluminium coatings which are more the norm need the professionals ttbomk.

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Used to might be the operative term. I even have instructions on how to do it from an old issue of AP.

"Silvering" in the generic sense, which can sometimes be aluminium, isn't something I'd want to attempt on a modern mirror lens.
Best regards, John
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