Tamron 17-50mm f2.8 XR Di II LD


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so I know it has the ability to adjust the auto-focus, but unsure whether it would cope with a lens with both front and rear focus issues (at each end of the range).

It can't do both. And it can't adjust for a lens that's OK at some distances but not at others...but it can provide a better result on average for a given lens.

Modern lenses are quite complex and I guess you get what you pay for in terms of mechanical reliability as well as optical performance.
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Stu-D wrote:
I have read a few reports now that say that the Tamron 17-50 has focussing issues, being front focussing at one end of the zoom range and rear focussing at the other end.

I've read a lot about this lens but have never read that and I don't experience it with my copy. Mine front focuses for the whole focal length range.


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I have never seen any reports of this lens having any more focussing issues than any other lens. On my K10D it was fine requiring no adjustment while on the K20 it needed some small adjustment. I wonder if a little brand snoberry is creeping in?

If I was to believe what I read on some popular forums then I have three totally rubbish Sigma lenses but mine all produce what I think are good images.

I was totally blown away by the step up the Tamron offered from the kit lens in all respects (except cost). I still have my Tamron and if I can only take one lens on a long weekend say then that's the one I take.

Then again if you can afford it buy a few primes instead


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A great lens for product pictures, I think, amongst other things.

35mm @ f16

50mm @ f13

25mm @f11
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Thanks for your comments and reassurance on the Tamron 17-50, in particular comments on the focussing issues (or not) and the 'good step up from the kit lens'. This was my first post on this forum and very helpful!
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