Taking my k30 skiing... Any advise


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Hello, first time I've posted on here so excuse my ignorance, I just wanted a bit of advise. I'm off skiing next week and really want to get some action shots. I'm planning on taking my k30 but worried about a few things mainly the temperature and performance. Also I'm not really sure what settings to select as my last years snow pics were a bit washed out.


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Get the right size Ski's for your K30
K30 will be great for snow, with Wr lens attached ...
Here is a couple of links to help you understand exposure for snow.

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Be careful taking it between warm and cold environments - plenty of condensation so let it acclimatise.

Experiment with a UV filter - it will stop/reduce condensation on the front lens element and mountains are always high in UV.

Shoot RAW so you can post process.

Bracket at +/- 0.5 or 1

Have a spare battery in an inside pocket.



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It will have trouble going around bends, so be careful.
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Shoot raw, take a couple of test shots when you get there and set an appropriate exposure compensation to avoid washed out whites. deal with the rest in the comfort of your hotel or home.

Oh, wear a helmet and stay on piste.
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Welcome Helen, Aside from the info already given please be careful where you carry the K30. I don`t know the answer but if you do take a tumble will you land on the camera?
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To avoid any condensation issues going from the cold slopes to the warm and moist hotel/cabin/whatever, take a few ziplock plastic bags. Before moving your gear from the cold environment to the warm moist one, remove the SD cards so you can download the images if you need to. Place the rest of your gear in the plastic bag(s), remove as much air as you can and zip them shut. Don't remove the gear from the bags until they have reached the ambient temperature of the room.
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All of the above - and the standard advice when skiing, don't stop in the middle of the piste to take a picture, move to the edge and keep at least half an eye for who/what is coming down the piste from above you. Also don't stand where someone, and sadly all too often it's the small percentage of unthinking boarders, might jump onto the piste.

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I wouldn't. There is an obvious risk to the camera but it is just an uncomfortable thing to lug around. It needs to go in a backpack, which is a pain on the chairlifts. A compact is much more convenient, plus you can use it much more easily whilst skiing.
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Don't overlook the fact that the K30 has 'Scene Mode', in which you can select 'Surf & Snow'. The camera settings will be adjusted automatically in this mode to offer the best exposure.

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