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Link Posted 08/04/2018 - 17:58
The new softbox is excellent


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right distance

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I am a bit disappointed because again, from the monitor of the camera it seemed there wasn't any leak, instead the leak is huge. Something to work on next
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Getting there, I put an old black backdrop on the side wall and it did the trick. Still not perfectly black, impossible to notice on the camera monitor, but I guess the results are acceptable as I can easily fix with the black levels!

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with reflector:

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very close to the background and wide (and out of focus)

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I was hoping to present more photos today, this time with an exceptional model (me), but I am fighting a bit with the beautiful beast that is the Godox DE 300. First I hoped I could have used the Cactus v6 that I bought for 24 pounds for the occasion, but then I figured out that the XTTL firmware of the other V6II that I use as transmitter is not compatible. Thus I decided to use my old and not so cheap aputure trigermaster II (wasn't a great investment honestly, but it was a long time ago), but the Godox is not able to sync at all with it, strangely enough if I use the sync cord in the flash port it doesn't even fire. There is something I missing there, maybe some problems with the cable. So I am now trying to use the normal V6II firmware and hope it works (it works if I use the sync cord directly on the cactus transmitter).

Edit: cactus v6 works fine! Phewww
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Damn I am confused again. Naively I thought the Bowens compatible Softbox would just fit in the godox de 300, but it seems it needs a mount or something. Is this what I need?


Link Posted 15/04/2018 - 06:49
sebas77 wrote:
Damn I am confused again. Naively I thought the Bowens compatible Softbox would just fit in the godox de 300, but it seems it needs a mount or something. Is this what I need?

LBA is good for you, a Lens a day helps you work, rest and play.



Link Posted 15/04/2018 - 11:19
Cool thanks a lot, will the godox ft 16 trigger be able to control the godox de 300 power remotely?


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new photos! Me in Zoolander mode! All out of focus, as it's basically impossible to know the focus using image sync on the phone (to be fair I was using a 2.8 aperture)

IMGP0306 by sebafoto, on Flickr

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but this is why I am buying a field monitor! I absolutely hate when I am sure it's in focus from the camera monitor and then it's not.

Obviously I have to study various lighting setup, although I can control it even with the small spaces (this is a 4 lights setup!!).


1) this was shot at 100mm, what focal should I use to flatter a model? My head is obviously closer so it appears bigger, my head is big, but how can I make it less obvious?

2) since I cannot use the cactus v6 with the v6 II (sigh), I have to find a way to control the godox DE 300. I want to by the FT 16 godox trigger, which I can use on the Cactus v6II (I know I am asking for troubles, then I shouldn't complain). In this way I can control the metz and the godox de 300, but I won't have any way to control other two manual lights that currently I control with the aputure trigmaster. I want to get rid of the slave light (btw the godox de300 works with the TTL pre flash!!)

3) the white balance was totally off from the camera, maybe because I used multi AWB?!
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Image sync works fine on an iPad, you can touch focus anywhere. I used it for a passport selfie.


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I don't have a tablet good enough, but the problem is not that, you can't really evaluate the focus from the low res preview regardless the monitor size and it takes ages to download the high res. With a tamron 70-200 at 2.8 even the slightest error will be noticeable, but only in hi res!

the camera monitor is actually better to evaluate, but it's too small.

the image sync focus (which I used) may be good with a modern lens, but with the tamron the focus error margin is huge (basically it's faster to focus manually actually)


Link Posted 22/04/2018 - 23:18
Hey I called a model today, I just want to share one photo, is not the best ones, but those I need to edit properly first (these are just light room editing)

IMGP0559 by sebafoto, on Flickr

I am still torn about if I need a beauty dish and which one to buy (cheap chinese 42 cm or less cheap foldable one 60cm)


Link Posted 15/05/2018 - 09:17
I am looking for cheap solutions for colored backgrounds. After various tests I realised that using flash gels is not suitable in several situations. I am looking for pastel uniform tints, what is out there that can be used? Paper ones are expensive and not durable?


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wonderful thanks. 60 pound is reasonable for one, but since I'd like more than one color, it would become very expensive! Are there tricks to solve the situation? For example if I use a cyan one, can I change the color using photoshop later or it would be impossible without artifacts?
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