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I recently purchased an M42 lens and fitted it to my K30 using a Pentax adaptor.The adaptor is now stuck to the lens when removed from the camera. Any suggestions as to how to remove it!!


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Funnily enough I was looking for info on various lens mounts after another post here the other day. I came across this site which states that there were actually two different 42mm mounts - the M42 with a 1mm screw thread pitch and the T with a 0.75mm pitch. Is it possible you've got a T lens and an M adaptor or vice versa?
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Interesting Jamie!!
I was not aware of this, so will look into it.
It won't cause me a particular problem if it remails stuck to the lens as I don't have any other M42s and can still mount it on the camera.


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Same thing happened to me where I could not remove adapter from lens thread but after few attempts i went off. I just used towel to hold the adapter and a bit of force it released.


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I'm guessing it wasnt made by Pentax?

The genuine article is screwed onto the lens and then both are fitted to the camera in the normal fashion. The lens is then unscrewed from the body; you have temporarily converted the K mount body to M42. You then remove the adapter by pressing the spring and out it pops.

It would be worth remounting it and trying to unscrew it.
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If you have an old k mount film camera that you are not bothered about remount it on to that and apply brute force. I had quite a bit of bother with cheap adaptors now only use genuine Pentax never had any hassle since
The last one that got stuck had to be removed with a dremmel and a pair of pliers!!


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I think Geordie is right. The best solution Actually I think You can find information in genuine manual:
1. mount adapter to camera body
2. then mount lens to the adapter

To unmount LENS from camera
1. Unscrew the lens from adapter
2. Unmount the adapter from camera body


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Many thanks for all this guidance.
The adaptor is a genuine Pentax one. I attached the adaptor to the camera and then screwed in the lens. Whe I unscrewed the lens the adaptor was still attached to it and I could not remove it,



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IIRC the genuine Pentax adapter has a widget that releases the spring clip (next to the "A" of Asahi) on the K-mount.
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Yes that is very normal...
There is small spring You have to push to remove the adapter from the camera body


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Adapter stuck on lens not body so little catch not solution....
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If it's your only M42 lens then IMO it's best left on the lens. I modified my earliest adapters to keep them om the lens & speed up lens changing.

FWIW T2 threads (42mm X0.75) are sufficently different that the adapter will only go on about one turn maximum. It seems there is also a 42mm x 0.5 size thats been used for some filter threads - I've never seen one of these but came across stepping rings for them, as well as a few listed as 'm42' without specifying the thread which turned out to be T2.
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Adapter stuck on lens not body so little catch not solution....

That's where these widgets have pins on the other side to unscrew from the back end of the lens.
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Again many thanks for all your advices. As I said recently it is my only M42 so will just leave it on!!!


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IF your sole M42 lens is a Takumar or similar it may be that the first ring on the body is set to 'auto' (instead of 'man') which can prevent the adaptor being unscrewed.

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