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strap for lx, where to buy

WJ Bons
Posted 09/05/2006 - 10:54 Link

i am searching for a strap for the lx.
Pentax does not make them anymore...

Anybody an address.
i saw one on ebay, but made of plastic. I want a one that will not break...
Posted 11/05/2006 - 14:33 Link

Because of the 'medium format' style strap lugs on the LX body, you have less choice.

1. Find the original LX strap...they are VERY scarce and even on ebay only appear every few months.

2. Find the LX strap connectors separately..many LX bodies have them already may find someone with an old LX body who might take them of and sell them to you separately. Once you have the connectors you can use any strap on the LX.

3. OPTECH (USA) make some superb straps, one of which has connectors on the strap ends to fit directly onto the LX body lugs...the strap is made specifically for the LX and hasselblads. These straps are sold in the UK by several camera dealers & also on ebay.

Cheers Steve.

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