Story of hunting down my missing K-1000 in a foreign country.


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On a trip to Belize my one bag included my trusty K-1000 within. Not wanting to wait for a private plane to pick us up my father and I took a taxi to a dirt runway outside of Belize City where a commercial commute plane would fly us to Ambergris Cay. As the 10 seat plane approached the taxi left with my bag in the trunk. I called for another taxi to come to the little airport to take me back into Belize City and hunt down my camera. I was more concerned for it than my other belongings.

The second taxi driver was very sympathetic and a bit angry that a licensed taxi driver would do such a thing so through the streets of Belize City we go asking the whereabouts of the easily identified driver who took my bag. He had only one eye. This is not a joke.

Within 45 minutes we found his taxi parked outside a brothel/motel. I asked the clerk if the one eyed taxi driver was in this building. By then I had his name and was on an adrenaline filled mission. The clerk told me his room number so upstairs I went to that room. I could hear talking on the other side of the very thin door, knocked and opened the door. There on the bed was the driver, a young woman named Corn Row, and my bag. I said, "I want my bag back." He demanded I give him $10 Belize for it. I grabbed it, backed out of the room and left.

The waiting taxi driver told me he would report the one eyed driver to the company and apologized for the experience saying this sort of thing tarnished the newly growing tourist industry of the little country that had recently changed from British Honduras to Belize.

It became a humorous remembrance yet at the time once the adrenaline wore off I was quite shaken by the whole process of tracking and retrieving my then only camera in a place I had never visited till then except for a flight connection. I am not an aggressive person but that day showed me a bit of determination can find success.

We made it to San Pedro, Ambergris for a week of diving and fishing off the coast of that tiny fishing village. Now the place has grown into quite the tourist attraction. I wish I had my current WG-4 back then because there was much more beneath the waves to photograph than above.


Link Posted 06/07/2015 - 20:19 I know Corn Row's name. This young woman was right on my heels down the stairs as if escaping from the one eyed taxi driver. She begged to be taken away from that motel. We gave her a ride to another part of town yet she kept begging we take her to Ambergris where she would cook for us..well do about anything if we just feed and shelter her. My father was open for the tag along but, I was not approving and kindly asked her to leave the taxi at any place in Belize City she would like. During this interaction she gave her name, "Corn Row."
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