St Michael's Church, St Albans


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This is in Verulamium, the old Roman part of St Albans, Hertfordshire. I had a wander around the churchyard with an old manual lens - XR Rikenon 1:1.7 50mm (an eBay bargain), on a K-70.

1. Daffodils in the churchyard and the Roman Museum in the background:

2. The church is surrounded by tall trees, so a view in between them:

3. Another view of the church - couldn't get far enough away, so this is a 5-shot vertical pano:

4. One of the gateways from the churchyard:

[ They are camera JPEGs tweaked in PaintShop Pro; also made use of the Nik software for the gateway and Microsoft ICE for the pano.]

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There's life in that old glass yet! I sense a lovely dreamy quality in these images.

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Nice shots in a very familiar stomping ground.
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I love the way you employed trees in these compositions, great job


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Loved the composition in the first image.
Kudos to it.
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Beautiful place. Very nice colorful set!
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Many thanks to all the above members for all your comments.

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