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Link Posted 22/04/2003 - 14:17
Hi, My wifes ex father in law has a Spotmatic 2 from the early 70s, he has asked me if I could find out where he could get a zoom lens(s) covering the 70-300mm range with the screw thred mount (I think its 42mm). If these are not available, he seems to think there is an adaptor to take the bayonet (K) mount, I have not seen anything advertised, can anyone help on this? He will NOT change his camera, & is only on a pension so cant afford too much.


Link Posted 27/04/2003 - 09:54
You can't use the bayonet lenses on the Spotmatic II (unless you possibly had a special adapter made at some large price) but you should be able to buy screw thread zoom lenses in perhaps the Tamron Adaptall range or similar.

I would suggest the advert pages in AMATEUR PHOTOGRAPHER - search through the listings and perhaps make a few phone calls to likely suppliers.

One problem I see is that modern designs may not be suitable for the limited 42mm throat of the Spotmatic's lens mount, so some of the more exotic lenses may be unusable anyway.

Good luck!
Best regards, John


Link Posted 28/04/2003 - 10:00

I had posted a reply before the forums were upgraded. Here's my suggestion...

As John mentioned, an adapter is out of the question - the bayonet fitting is larger than the screwthread. However, second hand lenses are readily available. Here's a small selection of sites:

I've dealt with all these companies (the top three include good guarantees too with 2nd hand stuff):

Then there's Jessops second hand too - worth trying.
Alternatively, trying using and looking for "M42 Pentax lens" within the UK sites - you'll find a whole heap to search through!

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