Some shots of Newquay in Cornwall.


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I did wait until the Golden hour to take some of these, can you tell me how they can be improved please? Thanks.

sorry the last one is a bit skewiff as i don't know how to turn it. Thanks for looking
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Nice shots, I've tweaked them with 'Hue/saturation' a little and cropped one for you to see.
Just my opinion of course

If you have photoshop elements just click on 'image' > 'rotate' and then choose 'clockwise' etc. as required, to turn them.

Other processing software like 'picasa' or 'gimp' will have something similar.

Sometimes it's possible in 'windows explorer' if you click 'file' at the top you will get the option 'rotate'

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Hi Micheal. Thanks that was very kind of you, I don't have photoshop as yet but I will be getting Lightroom as soon as I upgrade to seven.

Here is one of Turo cathedral which i might get enlarged.
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I think the saturation increase works well on your 3rd one (the rocky bay and grass), but perhaps is a bit overdone on the seaside street one, which is a rather muted toned scene. You should really straighten the horizon on the bay one also.

I like the new Cathedral shot with the Rose window nicely placed. Perhaps you could reduce the warm cast on the higher stonework a bit, which is caused by the tungsten lamps shining upwards.
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Thanks for your input, I'm starting to use my tripod abit more now.
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I actually preferred your originals to the tweeked but that can be a monitor thing. Nice pictures

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I like all of these - what tweaks you may decide on will be down to personal preference, however, I do prefer the 'tweaked ones' as well as the cathedral - personally I like the warm tungsten colours
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All your originals look just fine though the comment about the sloping horizon in number two is valid. But if you didn't know how to rotate a photo through 90 degree, knowing how to do that for just a couple of degrees is not surprising.

Most photo processing have an option to rotate an image, be it 90/180/270 degrees or just a fraction of a degree. That includes the free packages too. By all means get Lightroom, but it isn't essential. My favourite freebie processing program is Irfanview.

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